5 Ways to Declutter Your Child’s Room

Interior Stylist, Magdalene Liacopoulos from The Bebe Style Co offers her tips to a clutter-free children’s room.

How to declutter kids room

There’s no denying that a child’s room can escalate from some semblance of order to bursting at the seams very quickly, especially if you are in the throes of the toddler years where toys are thrown around to satisfy the constant need for stimulation. That’s not to mention the mountains of clothing and swaddles that your child has outgrown at what feels like a rapid rate. 

Is this sounding all too familiar? If you are in need of a declutter action plan then read on…


5 tips for decluttering


1. Store like with like

This is an important philosophy that can be applied to the general organization of your child’s room. It’s all about categorizing and storing pieces depending on their specific uses. For example, if you are holding onto any clothing that your child has outgrown, sort them in age groups (0-6 months, 6-12 months and so on), and pack them away in vacuumed sealed storage bags. Similarly for toys, keep Lego separate to anything art and crafts related. Investing in a furniture piece like the Oeuf Toy Storage Shelf with Bins, which comes with in-built compartments, will help to keep toys sorted and separated.

Oeuf toy Storage


2. Give everything a home

If you subscribe to this mantra and put the right accessories in place, this will work magic in maintaining a tidy space. If your little one loves books and you don’t have a storage method in place, consider purchasing a bookshelf. Something like the Oeuf Mini Library, which would be the perfect home for your child’s book collection. 


If you are drowning in dirty laundry, it’s time to purchase a much- needed laundry hamper. Sounds like a fairly simple and basic concept but if everything has its designated spot then this will inevitably free up floor space and keep surface areas a clutter-free zone. The Pehr Stripes Away Hamper will look good in your child’s room for years to come. 

Petit Pehr Stripes Away Hamper Sea


3. Stow toys not in active use

Keeping on top of your children’s toys is probably not high on the priority list, however having a process in place will help in maintaining the general up-keep. One solution is keeping any toys or activities that are not classified as ‘every day play’ to be sorted categorically (refer to point one), and placed in storage tubs that can be stowed away and brought out when needed. Having a few open baskets, like the Nico & Yeye Striped Storage Bin or a Lorena Canals Candy Box Basket, in your child’s room allow for easy access to house some of your child’s favourite books, puzzle or musical instruments. It’s worth investing in a larger piece as well like the Pehr Storage hamper for bigger items like plush toys, books, swaddles etc. Tip: Be sure to regularly interchange toys to keep things interesting. 


Petit Pehr Pom Pom Hamper Natural


4. Make clean-up time fun

There’s no doubt getting kids into the habit of packing up their belongings is a healthy discipline. And whether it’s a pack up sing-a-long or having an attention-grabbing item that gets kids interested, whatever it takes to get the chore done. Enter the Olli Ella Luggy Basket – which is the perfect size for your little ones to walk around the room picking up their toys – it looks good and will make pack up time a novelty.

Olli Ella Luggy Basket Straw


5. Donate or pass along toys no longer in use

One way to minimize mess is to make a conscious effort to give away, whether it’s donating items to charity or passing onto friends who have children. The repurposing of things that your child may have outgrown or has doubles of is a much a more effective way to de-cluttering than taking up valuable storage space or shifting things into a different area in your home. If you aren’t quite ready to let go of certain items that you might need down the track, then consider loaning out to friends to free up some space for 3-6 months or more. A similar temporary idea is arranging a toy swap with friends.


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