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To complement our ever-expanding curated range of gorgeous products for mamas and tots, we have just launched Nursery furniture & décor on The Tot.

How we choose the Nursery furniture & décor

Our team of expert mamas follow a set of ‘Tot Test’ criteria when curating products.

  • Safety: The new range of Tot nursery products is sustainably made using safe, non-toxic, recyclable materials with water-based finishes and low to no VOCs.
  • Innovation: We have chosen nursery furniture that is not only classic in its aesthetic but also ahead of the trend in the way that its built and its longevity. We want to promote ingeniously-designed products that have more than just one use like a crib that turns into an adult-sized desk or a playroom reading nook.
  • Style: The style and craftsmanship of these nursery pieces is second-to-none. These stunning items will complement and elevate your space. They are so beautiful and unique that they will become a talking point amongst your family and friends.
  • Quality: Each item is made with the utmost care and attention-to-detail using the highest quality materials. Every piece is built to last and grow with your family.


The Tot Nursery furniture & décor brands

Nursery Works

Nursery Works is a purveyor of cutting-edge juvenile products. Created for the ultra-chic, Nursery Works aims to bring high design into the nursery. Their designers work, whenever possible, in close collaboration with highly skilled American craftspeople to build each piece. Their products are made in low production runs that allow them to employ methods and materials that would be unavailable in typical mass production. With each product, Nursery Works strives to explore new materials and processes, including non-toxic, recyclable acrylic, CNC-milled maple, 24K gold-plated aluminum, custom marble/granite and powder-coated stainless steel. Low- and no-VOC finishes are used across all Nursery Works’ products and our products are tested to governmental standards on an annual basis. Shop the Nursery Works range. 


Oeuf’s commitment to combining intuitive design, ecological and sustainable production with simple & clean style has made it one of the most respected and independent brands in the market. Husband and wife team behind Oeuf, Michael Ryan and Sophie Demenge, are committed to using natural, renewable, recyclable materials that emphasize conservation and lead to environmentally sound products. They also employ eco-conscious manufacturing processes that promote sustainability. Pair their earth and people-friendly philosophy with a passion for high quality, minimalist design and you have something pretty special and unique. Shop the Oeuf range.

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For a personalized Nursery furniture & décor shopping experience, our Tot Concierge team is available to assist you with any questions you may have. For more information, please contact our team at here.