Nasiba’s Picks: 11 Baby Outfits for Special Occasions

The Tot Founder and mama of three, Nasiba Adilova, loves to get out and about with her kids. More often than not, their adventures call for formal attire. Passionate about how their clothing is made and where it comes from, Nasiba shares her picks for special occasion outfits made just for baby.

baby party outfit

It’s no secret that clothing is how I create, imagine and express myself. My children are just the same. A certain pop of color or comfortable cut can literally make your day. (And keep everyone looking like they’re not on the verge of a complete mental breakdown….)

When you’re a baby, the comfort part is particularly important. Especially if you’re still crawling or just getting the hang of being on your feet. For girls, dresses can get in the way if they’re in the crawling stage, but long tops and bloomers work a treat.

The most important things I consider when shopping for my kids are:

Is it comfortable?

When a kid is itchy, restricted or hot, they’re cranky! Same goes for babies. Since most babies will inevitably nap mid-party, it’s nice to have bodysuits that can double as formalwear and sleepwear.


Is it diaper friendly?

Snaps on the bottom of a onesie or an easy to pull down bloomer are crucial when you’re trying to keep kids cool, clean, calm and collected.


Is it machine washable?

While I am rather fond of fabrics that require dry cleaning, you need your kids’ clothing to be durable and cleanable! Let’s be honest – what baby is not going to dribble and drool?


Is it safe?

While many items of clothing can have toxic chemicals like flame retardants lurking, I like to opt for things made with pure or organic cotton. I also like knowing that the items we buy are always ethically produced.


Is it versatile?

I love it when an outfit can be dressed up or down. Can simply adding the right shoes, tights, or jacket change the feel? Yes, please!


Will it stand the test of time?

Being able to share clothing between siblings is really special to me. The time when they’re little is so fleeting – it’s nice to see an outfit relived with another child. It’s also way better for the planet to pass on pieces your child can no longer wear. Choosing fabrics and stitching that can be worn over and over again can prevent an item from ending up in a landfill.


I also obviously ask: Is it adorable?

Completely thrilled with the arrivals for spring and summer, here are my 11 adorable picks for special occasion outfits:


1. Laranjinha Back Snap Bubble with Collar


Laranjinha Back Snap Bubble in Blue with White Collar


2. Patachou Baby Romper 


Patachou SS19 Romper in Pink


3. Madras Made Bluebell Sydney Top and Bloomer Set


Madras Made Sydney Long Sleeve Top & Bloomer Set in Bluebell


4. Baliene Seersucker Boy Romper

Baliene Seersucker Boy Romper


5. Laranjinha Front Snap Collared Footie with Lace Trim


Laranjinha Long Sleeve Footie in White with Back Floral Embroidery detail and Lace Trim


6. Baliene Linen Sailor Short Set


Baliene Linen Sailor Set


7. Baliene Linen Back Buttoned Dress

Baliene Back-Buttoned Dress



8. Carbon Soldier Six Tackle Dress Set

Carbon Soldier Sleeveless Dress & Bloomer set in Six Tackle Ivory & Black floral design 


9. Patachou Sleeveless Cotton Dress

Patachou SS19 Dress in White



10. Question Everything Classic Edith Sleeveless Dress

Question Everything SS19 Dress Baby Edith in Purple

11. Donsje Amsterdam Nora Ankle Tie Flats

Donsje SS19 Shoe Nora Ankle Tie Lilac Nubuck