Nasiba’s 15 Newborn Essentials

The Tot Founder, Nasiba Adilova, recently welcomed Baby #3 into the world. After the whirlwind that is the first few weeks of life with a newborn, she has come up for air to share her absolute must-haves during the first few months. From a breast pump that helped her battle mastitis to her favorite organic cloth diapers that are gentle on a baby’s skin as well as the environment, here are Nasiba’s newborn essentials.

Nasiba Adilova

And just like that our little girl makes five.

As the mother of two boys I simply cannot get enough of, I found it difficult to imagine that there was even an inch of room left in my heart for another tiny human. And yet – here I am today: completely smitten, completely in love and completely tired.

The exhaustion doesn’t bother me though. I now know how fleeting it all is and I am relishing every moment. I am also being extra gentle on myself this time because if I can’t nourish myself, how can I nourish my children?

I love the expression, the Fourth Trimester. Both baby and mother are still delicate. We’re still growing, healing, gaining strength and adjusting to a new phase of life. With my little girl currently sleeping safely next to me, I thought I would take a moment to share what things have helped make this fourth trimester easier for both of us.


1. Medela Easy Expression Bustier + Medela Freestyle Breast Pump Deluxe Set

Medela Bustier

Medela Freestyle Deluxe Breast Pump

In the first few weeks after having my daughter, I suffered from a terrible case of mastitis and my pump was an integral part of my recovery. Coupled with medication, I was able to clear the blockage and get back to a normal flow. And this Medela bustier… I’ve been obsessed since having my second child as it allows you to get on with other things!


2. The Tot Organic Cotton Personalized Burp Cloths

The Tot Organic Cotton White Burp Cloth with Custom Monogram in Bows

I literally keep a stack of 10 in every room in my house. Most newborns eat every two hours and spit up after each feeding. Since I only use organic materials in the first four weeks of my babies’ lives, I opt for these burp cloths created by The Tot (PS you can personalize them making them the perfect baby shower gift!)


3. HART + LAND Organic Footed Bodysuit

HART + LAND Organic Footed Bodysuit

My little girl literally lives in her HART + LAND bodysuit because as mentioned before, I only do 100% organic fabrics due to their sensitive skin. Babies are so new and vulnerable when they just come into the world, so I try to make everything as clean as possible as they are adjusting to life outside the womb.


4. DockATot Deluxe+ Dock

 Dockatot Deluxe

Safe, soft, cozy and essentially like being back in the womb, the DockATot lets me move my little gal pal from room to room and have a little bit of hands-free time. Best part – there are so many machine washable covers to choose from! Check out our amazing range of Dockatot covers.


5. Babybay Organic Comfort Bedside Sleeper

Babybay Co Sleeper Bassinet

I love being able to be near by babies all the time. Currently, I’m obsessed with the design of the Babybay organic bassinet. Light and ergonomic, it is also non-toxic and sustainably produced.


6. MADE OF wipes

Made Of Wipes

Because newborns have such sensitive skin, I’ve searched high and low and was thrilled when I found Made Of wipes. They’re seriously the cleanest wipes with the most transparent ingredients list.


7. Osocozy Cloth Diapers

Osocozy Cloth Diapers

While my littles are truly little, I opt for cloth diapers for the first few months of their lives. Made of natural fibers, Osocozy diapers are super easy to clean, comfy to wear and better for the environment.


8. Naturepedic No compromise organic cotton changing pad

It’s shocking just how often a newborn needs to be changed, which is why I recommend making a changing station (or two) and using the ultra soft, safe and organic cotton changing pad by Naturepedic. I just love this brand so much. All Naturepedic products are free from PVC, phthalates, antimony, arsenic, phosphorus, polyurethane foam, soybean or biobased foam, synthetic latex rubber, harmful glues and adhesives, GMO cotton and shoddy insulator pads. Be sure to get a extra changing pad cover too.


9. Naturepedic Waterproof Mattress Protector

Naturepedic Waterproof Mattress Protector

Made using 100% non-toxic and hypoallergenic organic cotton jersey, this is the o


10. Monte Como Glider

Monte Como Glider

The Monte Como Glider is so beyond comfortable that late night feeds borderline feel like a trip to the spa. (Okay, not really – but you’re going to love it for years.)


11. Upang Plus UV Sterilizer

 Upang Sterilizer Pink

Upang Sterlizer

Finally someone invented a sterilizer that doesn’t involve hot water and steam burns. Easy to use, the Upang Plus UV Sterilizer uses UV rays to sterilize bottles, pacifiers, cutlery as well as your phone, keys, wallet and more.


12. Hevea Glass Bottles

 Hevea Glass Bottle 2 pack

If you’re opting to pump or formula feed, I 100% recommend Hevea Glass Bottles. Completely non-toxic and durable, they’re the safest option for feeding your baby.


13. Stokke Flexi Bath + Newborn Support

 Stokke Flexibath White

Stokke Flexibath White

Stokke Flexibath White

I love the Stokke Flexi Bath and Newborn Support because it hardly takes up any room in my bathroom and helps us save water. I also know that my little girl is safely cradled throughout.


14. Holy Lamb Organics Bo Peep Nursing Pillow and Cover

 Holy Lamb Organic Nursing Pillow

It doesn’t matter if you’re feeding or simply staring at your baby for hours on end, you’re going to want the support of the Holy Lamb Organic Bo Peep Nursing Pillow.


15. HART + LAND Organic Swaddle

 Hart & Land Unisex 6 piece gift set in Micro Chip Grey

From day one you’re going to want a swaddle. Whether you’re wrapping, shading, burping, cuddling, or trying to get privacy while feeding, the HART + LAND organic swaddle is the not-so-secret weapon you’re going to need.