Nasiba On: The #1 Must-Have Parenting Product I Recommend To Everyone

Soon to be Mama of Three and The Tot Founder, Nasiba Adilova, shares her love for Dockatot’s Deluxe+ Dock and why it’s her #1 must have item for newborns!

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Finding a safe and cozy place for baby once they arrive isn’t easy. With newborns – there are a number of hazards that you have to look out for. It’s crucial to be mindful of breathing obstructions, toxic materials and chemicals like flame-retardants, materials that can aggravate a baby’s already sensitive skin, and lest we forget – the roll factor. You’d be surprised just how squirmy a two-month-old can be.

As a mother I like to be able to keep my babies nearby, which is a little tricky since I’m constantly bouncing from room to room or between home and work or even between countries. Luckily, I discovered the DockATot Deluxe+ Dock five years ago, and haven’t had to fret about what to do with my baby while I work, eat, shower, read, stretch, think, or chat with friends. This genius little nest lets you lay your baby down anywhere, anytime while you can rest assured knowing that they are safely cushioned.

Dockatot Deluxe

Designed with hypoallergenic and breathable materials, it also has raised cushioned sides that prevent your baby from rolling and keeps them feeling secure and snuggly. If I didn’t have my eldest son swaddled when not in my arms, he would quickly become upset. However, I found that with the DockaATot, he stayed snug due to the cushioning and didn’t need to be swaddled. As he got older, it was an equally great space for me to flip him over so he could practice tummy time. He also loved using it with the DockATot Toy Arch. This accessory encourages little ones to start reaching, batting and kicking – all important milestones!


Dockatot Toy Arch

DockATot Grand Dock in Pristine White

Aside from the overall simple genius of the DockATot, I love that the covers are machine washable and that they come in so many stylish prints. The other bonus – the dock is durable. I’m just had Baby #3 and have used the same dock with all of my kids. Hands down – it’s an absolute must have item for all parents and makes the perfect baby shower gift!