Nasiba’s picks: 9 parenting products I can’t live without

Our co-founder Nasiba Adilova is a multi-tasking mama of two – and like many busy mothers, there are some products she swears by to make life more efficient, easier and just plain better


Like most mamas, I don’t have time for products that don’t work. When it comes to feeding and clothing my kids, and helping them get a good night’s sleep, I need products that are safe, efficient and, you know, that actually work! I’ve learned a lot about what works, and what doesn’t, in my time as a parent and at The Tot (where we personally test every product to ensure it’s fit to sell), and I want to share that knowledge with you. From the one stroller that ticks all my boxes to the swaddles that I swear by for a full night’s sleep, these are the products I can’t live without.



  1. GB Pockit StrollerStrollers are necessary evils, aren’t they? We need them, as parents, but gosh they can be annoying! Big, hard to manoeuvre, difficult to carry – strollers can be the bane of our existence. So when you find a good one, you stick with it (and then tell everyone who’ll listen about it!). The GB Pockit Stroller is a stroller I truly love. It’s light (only 9.5 pounds! That’s lighter than some newborns!), can stand on its own when folded (and yes, folding it is a breeze) and can be pushed with just one hand. Until I had my second child, I didn’t know how important this was!
  2. Nook Sleep Systems products: I really love Nook products. The brand is a world leader in safe sleeping products for infants. When I put my babies down to sleep, I want to feel reassured that I’m doing everything I can to keep them safe, and I know that with Nook, I am. Their use of organic cotton and natural latex provides a safe, comfortable space for babies to sleep… so I can, too.
  3. Solly Baby Wrap CarrierWhere, oh where, would I be without my Solly carrier?! So easy to use (not at all fiddly or cumbersome!), incredibly comfortable and most importantly, very safe, this wrap helps my baby sleep when I need to be out and about. It also promotes bonding and can be used for babies up to 25 pounds. I buy one of these for all of my pregnant girlfriends – it really does work miracles!
  4. KyteBabyOK, so this piece is meant to be about products I can’t live without… but sometimes, it’s just too hard to narrow down – especially when KyteBaby’s range is so incredible. Founded by mama Ying Liu, this clothing and sleeping range is made with bamboo rayon, a hypoallergenic fabric that’s cooler than cotton, allowing babies’ skin to breathe easier. I am a big fan of using natural materials for my babies – I believe they are safer, promote better sleep and health, and can help avoid any skin irritations. I adore these products.
  5. 12|12Again, it’s so hard to choose just one product from this beautiful range! Like KyteBaby, 12|12 was created by two amazing mamas, who wanted to find stylish, hypoallergenic clothing for their kids. When they couldn’t, they made their own. I love that the clothes are made with safe, natural fabrics – but I adore that they’re drop-dead gorgeous. One of my favorite products is the receiving blanket – it’s unbelievably soft, keeps my babies warm, and looks fantastic, too.
  6. Medela Pump: Just as prams can be a necessary evil, so too can breast pumps. So again, when you find a pump that is comfortable, easy to use and efficient, you stick with it! I swear by my Medela pump, and use it daily to pump quickly and easily. It never hurts, is easy to set up, and is by far the most efficient pump I’ve used.
  7. Comotomo bottles: If your babies are anything like mine, finding a bottle they’ll actually feed from can be more difficult than locating living unicorns. The Comotomo bottle mimics a mother’s breast and has anti-colic vents which inhibit air inhalation, making feeding easier on everyone.
  8. Mary Katrantzou Diaper Bag: Finding a stylish, practical diaper bag can feel impossible – most are bulky, unfashionable and full of useless zippers and pouches. When British designer Mary Katrantzou approached Mira and I about designing a diaper bag specially for The Tot, we jumped at the chance. The result? A beautiful diaper bag you’ll be happy to carry anywhere, with enough room for the essentials. I also love that once you are done with it as a diaper bag, it turns into a chic travel tote.
  9. Swaddles: I am a huge fan of swaddling my babies – I think it helps them sleep better, which in turn makes them happier, better rested and healthier. At The Tot, we carry a wide range of beautiful, comfortable swaddles – I love Little Unicorn, Loulou Lollipop and Coveted Things.