Introducing: The CYBEX 4-IN-1 LEMO CHAIR

Innovative, versatile and forever: just three words that describe the new CYBEX LEMO Chair. Designed to be used from birth until approx. 99 years of age, it has a sleek and minimalist design that will be loved and adored in every home.

Cybex highchair

When shopping for products for our kids, nothing brings us more joy than when the sell is: this product can be used forever. Introducing the CYBEX 4-in-1 LEMO Chair!

Inspired by the desire to create a sustainable furniture concept that fits urban spaces as well as design-conscious parents while meeting the needs of babies and children, CYBEX dreamed up the LEMO Chair. Suitable from birth up to approximately 99 years, this genius chair can be adjusted to suit every phase of life by simply adding or removing the appropriate accessory.

Need a newborn nap place? Check! Baby’s first meal? Check! Need somewhere to sit for a coloring session? Check! Need an extra chair at the dinner table? Check! Ready to move out and go to college? Don’t forget your LEMO Chair!

Configuration Options

0-6 Months

From birth parents are able to attach the CYBEX Bouncer (sold separately) so that their babies can be at the dinner table with them. Since babies are little sponges, it’s beneficial to have them at your level hearing you talk, watching you eat and feeling included.

6 Months – approx. 3 Years

Cybex LEMO Chair in White

From six months (or when your baby’s neck is strong enough to support their head), you can use the LEMO Chair with the CYBEX Baby Set. The set includes a five-point harness, dishwasher friendly tray and easy to wipe down padding. Again, including your child at the table (and at your level) helps them form healthy eating habits and expand their vocabularies.

3 Years +

 Cybex LEMO Chair in Green

When used as a chair, the CYBEX LEMO offers four seat height positions and an adjustable foot bar, which allows you to have the most ergonomic seating position possible. Once your child is tall enough, usually age 5, you can simply remove the footbar and use the chair on its own. Extremely easy to adjust, the LEMO has a one-hand system that lets you slide the seat out or back and raise the footbar up and down.

With so many simple, yet amazing features, it’s no wonder it was the winner of the 2018 Red Dot Best of the Best Award.

Watch the Cybex Lemo Highchair demo