How to Organize Your Child’s Room

Magdalene Liacopoulos from The Bebe Style Co. shares some helpful advice on how to get on top of the unexciting — but necessary — chore of de-cluttering and organizing your child’s room.

kids room organization

Drowning in toys and still need to organize last season’s clothes? Arranging your child’s room is one of those overwhelming tasks that is usually pushed to the bottom of the ‘to do list’ until it can no longer be avoided. So, if you’re like me and find yourself sifting through sweaters, last year’s Santa photo and the pile of drawings that your heart simply cannot part with — it’s okay if it sparks joy, right? — then I suggest tackling the below categories one by one. Once completed, it’s all about regular up-keep and you’re on the road to living an organized life!

Storage is your friend

Before embarking on an organizing and de-cluttering frenzy, it’s important to evaluate if you have the right storage solutions in place. I strongly recommend a good-quality dresser that will see you through the many phases of your child’s life, like the ducduc Campaign 4 drawer changer, which comes with a removable change tray. Drawer inserts are a must so all those tiny t-shirts, singlets, and shorts have a home when they are neatly folded, Marie Kondo-style. Next on the list are vacuum-sealed bags as not only are they a clever space-saver but also an efficient way to keep your clothing categorized and labeled. If you are a family of bookworms, Lego fiends, or simply besieged in toys then you’ll need to consider shelving and plenty of open storage baskets—but more on that below!

Fashion forward

The start of a season is the best time to organize your child’s wardrobe because you are more than likely changing over bed linen and putting away summer or winter wares. The first step is sorting through the past season’s clothes so they can be stowed away for the next three to six months in either vacuum-sealed bags or into the bottom dresser drawers. This is a good opportunity to cull, have a pile that you may want to pass onto a friend, or give away to charity. For any sentimental belongings, find a place that is easily accessible, as you’ll be adding to it regularly. The remaining clothes will need to be divvied up to between the wardrobe and drawers. Typically sweaters and bulky items alike work best folded in the shelves of your wardrobe, while dresses, outwear and jeans can be allocated to your hanging space. I like to reserve the top drawers for pieces that are on high rotation like singlets, t-shirts and pyjamas. This is where drawer inserts come in handy to help keep everything folded and neatly separated for as long as possible.

Kids Stuff

Whether you subscribe to toys and kid’s stuff in the bedroom versus the playroom, one thing is for certain there will need to be a system in place. The most effective way to organize toys is to store ‘like with like,’ and also have storage tubs in varying sizes to categorize activities. Bringing in a shelving unit, like the ducduc Austin bookshelf into your child’s room can be equal parts sophisticated and functional. The top shelves can be styled with some good-looking books and toys, while open canvas storage hampers from Petit Pehr, can line the bottom shelves. Toys that are concealed and easy to reach screams organized to me!

Let’s get sentimental

There’s no denying that nothing pulls on your heartstrings more than your child’s first handmade birthday card or artwork. However, as your child grows so does the pile, and it’s simply not feasible to keep everything, so when it comes to sentimental items it’s important to keep it simple. If there is something that is truly dear to you, consider having it framed and on display. For everything else, keep a large box under a bed or the bottom of your wardrobe, so you are able to file as you go. Every six months go through items and where possible do a cull—remember you can always take a photo. Good luck!




ducduc Cabana Armoire

 DucDuc Cabana Wooden Armoire in White

Every room needs a wardrobe and the Cabana armoire ticks all the boxes with open shelving, hanging space and drawers.


Olli Ella Neutra Lidded Basket

 Olli Ella Neutra Basket Large

Being organized is a lifestyle and a great daily chore for little ones is putting their dirty laundry into a hamper.


Nursery Works Tree


Book lovers need this Nursery Works tree-shaped bookcase, which is available in sage, pink and white!


Petit Pehr Stripes Away Hamper

 Petit Pehr Stripes Away Hamper Navy Blue

You can never have enough hampers. Use them to store everything from laundry, to toys, books, blankets or throws while keeping the room looking neat and stylish.


Oeuf River Trundle Bed


Having the option of adding a trundle to your child’s bed is a brilliant storage solution to store toys, blankets, and even seasonal clothing.


Olli Ella Luggy Basket

 Olli Ella Luggy Basket in White

What’s not to love about the Olli Ella Luggy basket? It’s great for imaginary play as well as being a cute little home for soft toys.




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