How to create the ultimate small space nursery

Interior Stylist, Magdalene Liacopoulos from The Bebe Style Co. shares her advice on how to achieve big things in a small space


For the majority of mothers-to-be, putting a nursery together can be an overwhelming exercise. When you add the limitation of a small room, it can feel like an impossible task. The good news is that the minimalist interior trend provides the perfect excuse to help you tackle your small room problems, while simultaneously creating a beautiful and calming space in your home. Remember, minimalism is about keeping things simple, uncluttered and understated—so, how do we turn this design philosophy and make it work in real life? With a baby…

START WITH THE ESSENTIALS: Make a list of the main furniture items that are a necessity in your nursery and make sure to do your research! It’s important to ensure that every piece on your shopping list has a purpose, and also consider ways that they may work into your child’s room as they grow. At this stage of the planning process, consider furniture that has a multi-function—I always recommend investing in a quality dresser and adding a change tray topper. This will not only be your change station, but provide much-needed concealed storage that will see you well past the newborn and baby years.

OeufSparrowDresser3DrawerBirch OeufFurnitureChangingTrayWhite1 OeufFurnitureChangingTrayWhite3

CONSIDER AN UNDERSTATED STYLE: A minimalist look lends itself to a small footprint but this doesn’t mean your room needs to be bare and clinical. Furniture in a birch plywood or poplar hardwood is the epitome of simple and understated—Oeuf NYC and Ubabub have a lovely range of furniture in these finishes, from cots to drawers and toddler beds. Plywood is light, natural and will add a textural element that is far from plain or boring. Poplar hardwood with a natural walnut finish on the other hand offers a rich contrast with a distinctly contemporary aesthetic. For the modern minimalists, look no further than an acrylic cot, like the Nursery Work’s ‘Vetro’ Crib in clear. Not only will it make a big statement, but also being transparent it will give the illusion of more room. Bonus!

Ouef NYC

OeufCribClassicBirch OeufClassicBedToddlerBirch OeufFurnitureVerticalMiniLibraryBirch OeufFurnitureToyStorageBirch


UbabubCribPod4 UbabubCribPod5 UbabubDresserChangeTrayWhite4 UbabubCribNiftyClear6

Nursery Works

nurseryworkscribvetroclear1 NurseryWorksCribVetroMiniClear1

GET EDITING: There is no better way to determine your style than by pulling together all of your inspiration images. An excellent way to do this is to start a Pinterest board, or save images to your camera roll or computer desktop. It’s likely that there will be a common theme both in style and in the color combinations. Whatever you are drawn to, whether it’s a monochrome palette, woodland theme or Nordic-inspired, be sure to add your own personal touch. Select pieces that you love and be conscious not to dive too deep into a theme. Edit your shortlist and show some restraint, because adding too many decorative elements will start to make the room feel very small, very quickly.

MINIMIZE CLUTTER: Storage is your best friend, and to maximize the space that you have, there will need to be storage for the storage. In other words, your organization game needs to be strong! Consider drawer dividers for your concealed storage—you can never have too many baskets, and together with storage caddies they will be vital in organizing everything from swaddles and blankets to toys, dirty laundry, and offering easy access to diapers. The list goes on.

BE SMART WITH YOUR WALL SPACE: In a small room there’s really no place to hide, so it’s critical to plan ahead before nailing any painting, wallpaper and artwork installation to your walls. Don’t let a small room be the reason you don’t create a magical spot, it just means that you may need to think a little outside the box, like adding wallpaper to just a portion of the room, whether it be a single wall or above a picture rail. That way you’ll still get to have a decorative element but in a subtle and restrained way.

Floor space is valuable real estate, particularly when your baby starts crawling, so where possible make use of your walls. Opt for wall shelves like the ubabub Booksee Wall Bookshelf Set over a freestanding shelf, which can take up considerable room. Remember that furnishing and styling a small room doesn’t mean you can’t bring your ideas to life, it just involves a little bit of compromise.



My top small space nursery furniture and decor products from The Tot 

Ouef Classic three-drawer set


I love everything from the Oeuf range! Especially this dresser that’s streamlined and sleek, and designed with a small space in mind.

Ouef Rhea Crib


I can’t look past a complementary crib.


I love to have fun with bed linen and this stripe fitted cot sheet is both classic and bold.

Lorena Canals Bereber Rug

A rug in a neutral palette sitting underfoot will brighten and help to open your small space.


Nursery Works Compass Rocker

NurseryWorksRockerCompassOatmeal2 NurseryWorksRockerCompassLightGrey1

Keep it light-ish! A plush upholstered rocker runs the risk of looking heavy sitting so opt for a light color fabric. This beautiful chair is available in oatmeal and grey.

Petit Pehr Pom Pom Hamper


Storage has come a long way and can be both fun and stylish.

Fiona Walker England More Giraffe Head Wall Mount


I love to make use of wall space and animal heads are a great way to anchor a room by creating a feature.



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