How to: Create a Boho-style Nursery

Whether you are a maximalist at heart or prefer a more modern minimalist approach, Magdalene Liacopoulos from The Bebe Style Co. shares her tips to achieving a Bohemian-inspired room. 

boho nursery style

There are many roads you can take that can lead to a Bohemian-inspired interior—somewhere off the beaten track that is culturally rich, and filled with color and eye-catching prints. Or down the highway via Route 66 to ‘California-cool’, an effortless and relaxed approach featuring earthy tones and beautiful textures. Whichever path you take, one thing is for certain; boho is the epitome of eclectic, where you are transported to a whimsical and comfortable place. Here’s how to get there…

Style Finder

A Bohemian style covers a broad spectrum and the easiest way to start to create a cohesive story is by putting together a visual mood board of inspiration images and furniture to form your wish list. You’ll begin to notice a theme and color palette emerge, so keep an eye out for a reoccurring product or shade range that keeps popping up. You’ll be pleased to know you won’t need to travel the globe or spend endless hours browsing through a thrift store to source interesting products—brands like Finn & Emma and Olli Ella are making beautiful, child-friendly wares that will give your room that feeling of wanderlust. I especially love Olli Ella’s handcrafted rattan Strolley and Luggy baskets, which are perfect for toy storage until your baby is old enough to wheel it around during imaginary play.

Olli Ella Luggy Basket

Olli Ella Luggy Basket Straw

Olli Ella Strolley Basket

Olli Ella Strolley Wheeled Basket in White



Rules Don’t Apply

Boho is bold and brave so don’t be afraid to introduce different interior styles or clashing prints. Scandinavian or Mid-Century designed furniture with its clean lines and neutral base works well in Boho interiors because it can be offset against most color ways. The Oeuf Rhea crib in birch will suit a more modern-Boho all-white scheme, while the Ubabub Nifty timber crib in walnut would look stunning in a jewel-toned nursery. The same ‘no rules’ apply when mixing different cultural influences and patterns—for example, an Ikat printed ottoman can be paired with a Kilim or Bereber rug. Remember, anything goes! But if you are feeling overwhelmed with color and overloaded with prints I suggest keeping it simple. Start with a neutral base and a few colorful soft furnishings, as you can always build the rooms layers gradually over time.

Stylist Tip

The devil is in the details and even down to the hardware – which is why I especially love the ducduc Regency 5-Drawer Changer with the tassel detail.

Oeuf Rhea Crib – Birch

Ubabub Nifty Timber Crib – Walnut

ducduc Regency 5-Drawer Changer

DucDuc Regency Wooden 5 Drawer Changer in White

Lorena Canals Bereber Rug

Catch Feelings 

A Bohemian vibe is inherently relaxed and inviting, and the more layers and tactile textures the better. A soft rug is a must—the latest ‘Cotton Shades’ by Lorena Canals with its tassel detailing along the edges would look great in a contemporary Boho nursery. Layer in throws and cushions for the floor and available seating—think blankets trimmed with pom-poms, baskets draped in tassels, and a statement macramé wall hanging. Remember this is a ‘more is more’ approach. You can also consider bringing in natural materials such as leather and rattan, which will provide a textural and tonal contrast to the vibrant hues seen throughout the rest of the room.

The trick to nailing Boho will rely heavily on how the space makes you feel, so as well as having all the beautiful textural elements, be sure to include one-off pieces that also tell a story. Pick something personal from your travels aboard or a treasured family hand-me-down is even better!

Lorena Canals Cotton Shades Rug

Lorena Canals Cotton Shades Rug in White



  1. A white crib will work as the perfect base in a room with colorful and vibrant accessories.


  1. A change basket like no other that will be used well after the nappy-changing phase.

    Ollie Ella Reva Basket


  1. macrame play gym is the ultimate nod to Boho.

    Finn & Emma Macrame Play Gym in Natural


  1. I love this soft cotton baby blanket with charming pom-pom detail.

    Alimrose SS19 Organic Cotton Knit Pom Pom Blanket-Grey/white


  1. Storage enthusiasts, look no further than this Lorena Canals Petals Basket in vintage blue, ash rose or ivory.

    Lorena Canals Petals Basket in Natural


  1. A tee-pee gives a Boho-themed room a whimsical touch.