The Tot’s Gift Guide For Second Babies

From meal trains to double strollers to busy box ideas for the first child, we’ve got a plethora of gift ideas for when your bestie or family member is expecting Baby #2.

A backpack diaper bag and a stroller, both gifts for second babies.

Things are different when someone is expecting a second baby. For one thing – they already have their hands full. They also usually already have a lot of gear, toys and newborn clothing. However, some gear will need to change. They may now need another crib, more towels and/ or extra help in the baby-soothing department. It can also be nice to start fresh with items that may have been over-used or are still in use with the first child.

Read on to see our favorite second baby gifts ideas. We go over a variety of different options, including gifts for the newborn, for the parents, for the older siblings, and more.


Best Gifts for Second Baby

Every day the brands we love are coming out with new and innovative products for parents looking to live their best lives. From teethers to cribs, these items can figuratively and literally save the day. Below are gift ideas that will make Round 2 even more fun, efficient and enjoyable!

Here is the full list of the best gifts for a second baby:

Below is a breakdown of each of these recommendations.


Gift Ideas for Newborns:

Fridababy Bitty Bundle of Joy


Every baby needs a Fridababy Bitty Bundle of Joy. It is the ultimate starter kit for parents needing to combat gas, mucus and scratchy nails. Packaged in a convenient pouch, parents will be forever grateful for having this on hand at 2am when they have a fussy baby.

Double Strollers and Carriers

Bugaboo Classic Collection Donkey 2 Duo Stroller Aluminum frame with grey melange

Depending on the age of their first child, mom and dad may also want a second baby carrier or a double stroller that does all the tricks. If you’re unsure of which double stroller would suit best, read our guide for our advice on how to choose a double stroller. Being able to get out and about with two kids is no easy feat, but brands like Solly Baby, Ergobaby and Bugaboo make it totally possible.

Here are just a few of our favorite strollers and carriers, for parents on the go:

Backpack Diaper Bag


Many of us mamas at The Tot also switched to a backpack style diaper bag so we could have our hands free when Baby #2 arrived. Jem & Bea makes their incredible Jamie Backpack in a few different options like leather, denim and nylon. It’s not only sports luxe stylish, but also extremely practical due to its compartments and wipe-ability.

BATZKids Monthly Milestone Blanket

BATZkids Monthly Milestone Blanket

Versatile and cute, the BATZKids Monthly Milestone Blanket does a million jobs at once. Perfect for capturing important first year milestones, it’s also great for wrapping, tummy time, breastfeeding, creating shade and more.

Baby Shusher Baby Shusher

Baby Susher Baby Shusher

Designed to mimic the sound your baby hears while in utero, the Baby Shusher can be safely nestled in your baby’s crib, bouncer or stroller to help soothe and comfort them.

Bambo Nature Diapers


Kind to the environment as well as your baby’s skin, Bambo Nature Diapers are free of all known-allergens and are perfect for newborn bottoms and those with sensitive skin.

Loulou Lollipop Trinity Teether

Loulou Lollipop Trinity Teether

Handmade out of food-grade silicone and birch wood that’s only been treated with organic olive oil and beeswax, Loulou Lollipop’s Trinity non-toxic teether is a must-have for all teething babies. It’s ring shape is extra easy for little hands to hold.

Mori Hooded Bath Towel


The Mori Hooded Bath Towel keeps little heads warm, while drying at super speed. Made from a machine washable and buttery soft micro-cotton, it’s a luxurious and efficient bath time essential.

Kyte Baby Bamboo Wash Cloths (Pack of 5)

Kyte Baby Bamboo Washcloths in Aqua

Made of a soft and hypoallergenic bamboo rayon, this convenient five pack of bamboo wash cloths will make bath time even better. Soft on skin, they’re a gift the whole family will love.

Wee Gallery Baby’s First Soft Book Friendly Faces

Wee Gallery Soft Book

Made in a soft book that’s safe for little hands to explore, Wee Gallery’s Baby’s First Soft Book has monochrome faces that are specifically designed to help develop your baby’s eyesight.

Lovevery Play Gym


The thing that we love about the Lovevery Play Gym is that it’s intended to grow with your baby. It also comes with a set of milestone exercises for you to do together! Made of FSC certified wood and non-toxic finishes, it transitions from play gym to tent for when your baby becomes a toddler.

Snuggle Me Organic Infant Lounger

Snuggle Me Organic Infant Lounger

Portable and versatile, the Snuggle Me Organic Infant Lounger is a safe and cozy place to rest your baby as you move from room to room (or over to grandma’s house.) Made in the USA from organic cotton, it has a hammock effect in the center that keeps your baby in place.

ubabub Mod 2-in-1 Convertible Crib with Toddler Bed Conversion Kit


The combination of white metal and light wood make the gender-neutral ubabub MOD crib an easy addition to complement any decor. The best part: it transitions to a toddler bed with a conversion kit.


Gift Ideas for Moms:

Here is the full list of the best gifts for a second-time mom:

Read on to learn about each of these gift ideas.

SKIN’s Qianna Organic Cotton Robe


It’s also nice to give something that’s purely for the mama. Nothing makes breastfeeding or simply lounging at home with your babies more comfortable than this Organic Cotton Robe by SKIN. Insanely soft, it’s not only cozy – it’s stylish and flattering and something you’ll want to wear long after your kids are old enough to make their own meals.

Blanqi Lift Access Underbust Postpartum Nursing Support Tank

After your have Baby #2, the Lift Access Underbust Postpartum Nursing Support Tank will be your best friend. While allowing easy access for breast feeding, it provides helps support your back and abdomen while your muscles begin to strengthen again.

Sue Gragg Personalized 18k Gold Necklace

Name necklaces will never go out of style and Sue Gragg has taken them to a whole new level. Exclusively available at The Tot, any mama will love having her, her child’s or a meaningful place or date to wear around her neck forever and always.

Nook Sleep Systems Niche Organic Feeding Pillow

Nook Sleep Systems Organic Niche Feeding Pillow

Whether you’re breastfeeding or bottle-feeding, you’re going to want a support pillow. It’s shocking just how heavy an 8 lb baby can feel! Parents love the Nook Organic Feeding Pillow because it has a machine washable organic cotton and eucalyptus cover that is eco-friendly, non-toxic and naturally antibacterial. It also can be used as a prop to help your baby sit up or as a body pillow for toddlers.


Busy Box Gift for the Older Brother or Sister:

The Tot Founder and mama of two, Nasiba Adilova, swears by creating a Busy Box for the first child. It’s a box filled with toys and craft that’s kept up high or out of sight and brought out on special occasions. This simple idea can deliver in a big way when your bestie needs a moment to rest, breastfeed or simply think. Here are Nasiba’s 10 Busy Box Essentials.

Our additional busy box gift ideas include:


Choosing the Perfect Second Baby Gift For Everyone!

When in doubt, you simply can’t go wrong with a Tot gift card. Easy to shop with online at The Tot, parents can use them to get something for themselves or their children.

The Tot Gift Card


Truthfully – the greatest gift you can give is your time. You can offer to babysit their first child before or after the new baby comes home. Having someone entertain your toddler during those first few weeks can make transitioning to a parent of two so much easier. You can also cook a bunch of healthy meals for their freezer or help them catch up on laundry, dishes and general life housekeeping like picking up packages from the post office.

You can also direct mothers expecting their second child to our tips on how to prepare.