Daily Kids Activity Ideas for February

Coming up with new and fun ideas for kids’ activities isn’t always easy. We’re here to help! Early Childhood Behavior expert, Anastasia Moloney shares simple ideas for an activity a day in February.


Do you ever find it difficult to come up with new educational activities for your child on a daily basis? Sometimes we just need a few suggestions to help spark ideas or even better, a handy guide to follow!

This daily guide is filled with activities that can be done at home for the month of February. Take the challenge and see if you can complete the suggested activity each day, or, if it’s something you already do, see if you can expand upon it. Good luck and have fun!

The Tot Daily Activity List for February:

  • Thurs: Read a story in a new way. Read the pictures only, make up your own ending or create and answer questions.
  • Fri: Groundhog day – Go on a walk. Talk about the weather – the colors you see, the temperature, or the shape of the clouds.
  • Sat: Have a car wash, animal bath or doll bath. Use whatever your child likes to play with. Fill a bucket with some soapy water, wash clothes, or their favorite washable toy.
  • Sun: It’s Super Bowl Sunday – Cook or prepare a healthy snack together!
  • Mon: Play “I Spy”!  For babies: label, point and describe objects. For young toddlers: find familiar objects. For preschoolers: find items based on shapes or colors.
  • Tues: Build a fort!  Bring a fun game you can play inside, read/tell stories or sing songs. Flash lights can be a fun addition!
  • Weds: Include your child in household chores – they love it! Some ideas include giving them a washcloth, a water spray bottle or have them help sort silverware or laundry.
  • Thurs: Create an obstacle course inside or if it is warm enough, outside!
  • Fri: Make up your own song! Pick a familiar song and change the words or start from scratch! This could get silly!
  • Sat: Have a picnic! Even if it is too cold out, enjoy one on your family room floor!
  • Sun: Create a book nook or if you have one decorate it for the season!
  • Mon: Make a grocery list together! Have your child suggest foods and then go find them!
  • Tues: It’s World Radio Day! Listen to your favorite station and retell the stories that you hear. Take turns being the radio announcer!
  • Weds: Happy Valentines Day! Make a Valentine for someone you love using paints or crayons
  • Thurs: Sort things by color – crayons, blocks, balls, etc.  Finished? Now sort things by category!
  • Fri: Happy Chinese New Year! Make a dragon mask or dragon paper bag puppet to color.
  • Sat: Get messy!  Do some finger painting or bathtub painting to contain the mess!
  • Sun: Always try to expand your child’s language. Repeat and add on to what they say. For older children introduce a new word!
  • Mon: Presidents Day!  Play follow the leader!
  • Tues: Make your own musical instrument with household items! See how creative you can get! Empty containers can make for great drums or shakers.
  • Weds: Make prints in play dough! Use different animals to make tracks, cars, or blocks. See what type of prints they make.
  • Thurs: Do a photo Crawl! Tape various simple images (photos, magazine cut outs etc) on the ground, describe the object and have the child crawl, scoot, etc to the identified photo
  • Fri: Sensory play with tissue Paper! Toddlers love the sound of crinkling and tearing it!  Let them explore!
  • Sat: Play uninterrupted for 30 minutes!
  • Sun: All about me! Make a book or picture all about you! What color is your hair? What’s your favorite food, book or toy? Do you have pets? etc
  • Mon: Pick a favorite story and act it out!
  • Tues: Count! See what you can count in the house – steps, chairs etc
  • Weds: Make a simple tossing game using scrunched up tissue paper and an empty bin or bucket.
  • Thurs: Plan some new activities for March!