Best Sellers: Halloween Costumes, Masks & Crafts

Looking for the best halloween costumes and crafts for your kids? From eco-friendly face paints to stylish felt masks to ready to wear costumes, here are The Tot’s best-selling Halloween products.

two little girls in halloween fairy costumes

With Halloween just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about what your kids are going to dress up as. If you’re like us – parents who are on the hunt for non-toxic face paint and costumes that can be passed down to younger siblings, then you’re going to be excited to see these best-selling Halloween products that are available from The Tot.

We love the masks by Opposite of Far because they’re made in the USA of a soft wool blend felt that’s comfortable for kids to wear. The best part – your kids will use them for imaginative play all year round!

We also love the no-fuss costumes from Lovelane Designs. Just like Opposite of Far, they’re made of high quality fabrics that are durable, non-itchy and intended to be passed down from sibling to sibling or friend to friend. Another no-fuss option favorite is I Love Plum’s Tutu Dress. Pair it with all number of masks or headdresses for an instant costume in minutes.

Meri Meri’s whimsical costumes and headdresses will also bring joy and delight to wearers.

Thinking about painting your tot’s face? We like to opt for paints that don’t contain anything that could potentially cause an allergic reaction. Natural Earth Paint have fantastic kits that contain everything you need to create a mini goblin, ghost, gypsy or giraffe! If you’ve got no time for face paints, then Kid Made Modern’s fun Make a Mask Kit is just the thing the keep little hands busy.

Scroll down to see our best selling Halloween products!


Masks & Headdresses 


Opposite of Far Unicorn Mask


Opposite of Far Unicorn Mask


Opposite of Far Cat Mask


Opposite Of Far Felt Black Cat Mask


Opposite of Far Frankenstein Mask


Opposite Of Far Felt Frankenstein Mask


Meri Meri Lion Headdress


Meri Meri Lion Headdress


Kid Made Modern Make A Mask Kit


Kid Made Modern Make A Mask Kit




Meri Meri Mermaid Wrap Dress Up


Meri Meri Mermaid Wrap Dress Costume


Meri Meri Dragon – Two Piece Costume Set


Meri Meri Dragon Dress Up



Meri Meri Swan Cape Dress Up


Meri Meri Swan Cape Dress Up


Lovelane Designs Pirate Vest with Parrot


Lovelane Pirate Vest


Lovelane Designs Butterfly Wings


Lovelane Butterfly Wings


I Love Plum Rosie Tutu Dress

I love plum rosie tutu dress

Face Paints

Natural Earth Paint Natural Face Paint Kit


Natural Earth paint Face Paint Box Set



Natural Earth Paint Mini Natural Face Paint Kit

Natural Earth Paint Mini Natural Face Paint kit

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