Baby name predictions for 2019

The New Year brings with it a fresh batch of names you’ll love… or love to hate. The Tot’s resident baby-names expert weighs in on what we can expect for 2019.

baby name trends 2019

While I anxiously await the release of the Social Security Administration’s most popular baby names of 2018 list in May, I can console myself by partaking in another one of my favorite activities: predicting baby-name trends for the upcoming year.

The top 10 never changes dramatically, so we can expect Emma, Olivia, and Ava to remain in the top 10 for girls, and Liam, Noah and William to hover near the top for the boys. But we’ll also see some new names influenced by the latest trends rising up the ranks.

Here are my predictions for 10 of the hottest new baby names of 2019.



  1. Stormi

From cosmetics to baby names, we snap up everything the Kardashian-Jenner clan puts out into the world. The powerhouse family produced three babies in 2018 – True, Chicago and Stormi – but the latter has seen the biggest rise in popularity by far (63 percent according to BabyCenter). I predict that Stormi will continue its thunderous ascension in 2019 along with variations like Storm.

  1. Meghan

Until we find out the name of the latest royal baby (due April-ish according to estimates), the Duchess of Sussex’s own moniker – and the more traditional spelling Megan – will continue to be bestowed upon bouncing baby girls around the world.

  1. Rogue

Fortnite was one of the biggest cultural phenomena to hit our nation last year, so it comes as no surprise that baby names inspired by the online video game are red-hot right now. Even the names of some of the “skins” (costumes) have been snapped up by eager parents, with Rogue having jumped 47 percent for girls in 2018. Watch it continue to gain ground in 2019.

  1. Luna

I’ve adored this sweet little sobriquet since I first laid eyes on it in 2013 when Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem welcomed their daughter Luna into the world. And ever since Chrissy Teigen and John Legend named their first child Luna in 2016, it’s been steadily rising.

  1. Stevie

Unisex and nickname names are all the rage. I have no doubt that this cute-yet-kickass selection originally made popular by Stevie Nicks will continue its ascent in 2019 (it jumped up 31 percent last year).



  1. Louis

The world has been all over this classic appellation ever since Prince Louis of Cambridge was born last April. It’s already risen by 17 percent and I have no doubt that trend will continue.

  1. Drake

Between the Hotline Bling rapper and Fixer Upper stars Joanna and Chip Gaines’ son, Drake is another hot moniker rising up the charts.

  1. Sage

Boho-chic names will continue to quietly dominate the bottom of the charts this year. But while girls can get away with Peace and Kiwi, wild and untamed names aren’t as easy for boys. Sage is a great choice because not only does it recall the aromatic herb, it also connotes wisdom and rolls gently off the tongue.

  1. Nova

With the average length of baby names shrinking since the ‘90s, four-letter epithets are in. Nova has been slowly bumping its way up the popularity list, and it will stay on that path like the shooting star that it is in 2019.

  1. Jack

Jack has been hovering near or at the top of the charts in England, Scotland, Ireland and Australia for years, but it currently sits at number 35 in the U.S. behind John and Jackson. I have a gut feeling that 2019 will be Jack’s year in America. Go, little Jack!