Ambosstoys PRIMO Ride-On Scooter

Get ready to be overcome with nostalgia when you see the Ambosstoys PRIMO Special Ride On Scooter! Designed to be used by generation after generation, the PRIMO scooter is just the thing your tot needs to get their mind and body moving and grooving.

Boy riding kids toy scooter

While it’s obvious we’re obsessed with the Ambosstoys PRIMO Ride On Scooter because of how insanely adorable it is, we’re also loving how beneficial it is to both a child’s cognitive and physical development.


Shopping for a toddler scooter? You need the Ambosstoy PRIMO Ride On Scooter


Benefits of Ride On Toys


When toddlers and kids actively play and use toys like ride ons, bikes and scooters, they’re able to strengthen their core muscles, improve their coordination, master balancing and expend energy. This type of movement is crucial for their cognitive development because it gives their brain a reason to problem solve, process emotions, create endorphins and build confidence. It also wears them out, which means a much better night’s sleep for everyone!

Between the ages of 1 and 5, kids are also working on discovering their independence. Ride on toys are a fantastic way to let them see what their bodies are capable of and allow them to explore the house, yard, street or park. They also enable them to have spacial awareness, hand-eye coordination and encourage communication. But let’s talk about the most important part: They’re fun!!!

With so many options on the market, we want to tell you why we recommend the Ambosstoys PRIMO Ride On Scooter.


Amboss Toys PRIMO Special in White


Ambosstoys PRIMO Special Ride On Toy



Available in more colors



First – it won the prestige award ‘Best Toy 2019’ given by the ASTRA (American Specialty Toy Retailing Association)!

Second – It’s handcrafted of solid metal and complete with child-safe finishes. Truly an heirloom piece, the PRIMO is intended to be passed down from sibling to sibling and even onto grandkids and is arguably a toy that can double as decor. The two wheel design encourages kids to learn to both balance and steer, which prepares them for bike riding, while the covered wheels protect little toes from getting squished.

Suitable for use both inside and out, it can be used from 12 months to 5 years of age and comes in three colors: Silver, Black & White


Amboss Toys PRIMO Special in Black



Perfect for first birthday gifts or just because, we’re confident that the PRIMO will never go out of style!


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