A Stylist’s Guide to Designing a Playroom

Magdalene Liacopoulos from The Bebe Style Co shares her expert advice on how to create a unique play area for kids

two little girls sitting at a table having tea party

Putting together a children’s playroom is no easy feat, especially when you have managed to accumulate a lot of ‘stuff’ in such a short amount of time! It can be a challenge to make sense of it all, but a well-thought out playroom can be a sensory space where your curious child can play, create and explore and ultimately, we all know that a happy child makes for a happy family and a happy home.

Tips for designing a playroom

Sort and donate

When starting any home project, it’s a good opportunity to do a stocktake of what you have and what will stay versus what will be culled and given away or donated. It’s during this process you will begin to find bits and pieces that you forgot even existed, and that would be perfect for that craft corner you were planning to create! It’s also at this point where you can start to establish a shopping list. Depending on your child’s needs, likes and dislikes, this could range from a table and chairs (the Babyletto Lemonade set is my personal must-have piece for a playroom!), to bookshelves and soft seating. Remember, you are creating a room that will inspire and cultivate your child, so it’s important to always keep them in mind. Which brings me to my next point…

Establish zones

When deciding on the room’s specific zones, think of what will enhance your child’s strengths and what will ultimately make them happy, because a playroom after all is just that—a play room!

Breaking the area into zones will also help to add some order to a room that can very quickly turn to chaos. This is why I encourage designated spots, like a reading nook which will have a bookshelf, like the BabyLetto Dotti Bookcase —it’s the perfect addition to house the seemingly endless amount of books your child has, and will continue to gather. Add in soft, comfortable seating like Lorena Canals’ Circle Cushion, and you have yourself the perfect spot for downtime. This also means that during pack-up time the books go back to their ‘home’ and this same thought process can be carried through to the other zones, like the craft corner, or a toy and dress up area.

Storage = Organized

Sufficient storage solutions are a playroom must. Depending on available space, options range from wall shelving to an open storage unit that can be filled with baskets for maximum storage capacity. It might seem a little like storage overkill, but this will help to keep the room organized and functional. Another important factor is to ensure easy accessibility—the last thing you want is for your little one to be unable to reach items and climbing to try to get to something. This means having shelving and toys that are positioned at their level so they are able to reach everything easily and safely. Safety is paramount, and I always recommend that you have the playroom baby-proofed by a professional, and that any storage units, libraries and freestanding bookshelves are fixed to the wall to avoid them toppling over. See The Tot’s Guide to Baby Proofing for more home safety recommendations.

A well-planned playroom can keep your children entertained for hours on end and can be a win for the whole family.


My top picks for creating the perfect playroom 

The Oeuf Mini Library provides much needed storage – which will house everything from books to baskets for maximum capacity.


The Babyletto Dottie Bookcase is sized for books, buddies, and baskets of toys, and will help keep your babe’s room neat and organized.


This soft furnishing by Lorena Canals is just the piece to add extra comfort and finish off a reading nook.

Lidded storage baskets that are easily accessible are an essential for every playroom. You won’t be able to stop at just one!

Petit Pehr Pom Pom Hamper Grey

Enhance imaginative play with this E&E Teepees that will also double as soft seating for a reading area.

E&E Teepees Andrew Play Teepee

Every playroom needs good quality wooden toys like the Poppie Horse and Modern Blocks counting set.

Poppie Toys Rocking Horse

Perfect for arts + crafts, imaginative play and even meal time, the Milton & Goose Crescent Table + Chairs is an heirloom quality piece of furniture that every kid will love. The set is also made of maple with Baltic birch top using child-safe and non-toxic finishes.

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