8 Nursery Mobiles to Fall in Love With

Nursery mobiles can add style to your baby’s room, stimulate their senses and (most importantly) help them drift off to sleep.

TheTot_Carousel_8 Nursery mobiles

There are many reasons to have a nursery mobile over your child’s crib, change table or rocking chair. They can help complete the theme of the room, can sooth your baby when they’re having their diaper changed or trying to sleep, but additionally – they can help your little one develop motor skills through visual stimulation and if they have music through sound stimulation.

When choosing a nursery mobile, the most important thing to consider is safety. Not only does the mobile need to be properly secured to the ceiling, it also needs to be made with non-toxic materials. In an effort to help you and your tot find the perfect one, we’ve highlighted eight safe and stylish nursery mobiles for you (and your baby) to fall in love with.

  1. Anne Claire Petit Crochet Transport MobileHand-crocheted out of 100% organic cotton, the Transport Mobile by Anne Clair Petit features a cream frame and five brightly colored modes of transportation to delight when they nap or when they’re having their diaper changed. By naming the, “car,” “plane,” or “boat,” you can also use it as an aid to develop your little one’s vocabulary.
  2. Cam Cam Copenhagen Swan Music MobileThe elegant Cam Cam Copenhagen Swan Music Mobile can be hung from the ceiling over your baby’s crib or change table to add classic and whimsical style to your little one’s world. Handmade with organic cotton and filled with Oeko-tex standard polyester, simply pull the wooden ring and the song, ‘Summertime’ by George Gershwin softly plays.
  3. Cam Cam Copenhagen Savannah MobileThe sweet Savannah mobile from Cam Cam Copenhagen will add delicate whimsy to any nursery. Made of 100% organic cotton and natural bamboo, it features three, soft toys from the Savannah family: an elephant, rhinoceros, and giraffe that have been delicately embroidered.
  4. Cam Cam Copenhagen Rainbow MobileThe Cam Cam Copenhagen Rainbow Mobile is handmade with organic cotton and filled with Oeko-tex standard polyester and will brighten up your baby’s room (and day!) Featuring soft clouds and dangling raindrops, this mobile will move from the breeze of a fan or open window and bring loads of curiosity and fun to your little one’s world.
  5. Cam Cam Copenhagen Peacock Music MobileCam Cam Copenhagen’s Peacock Music Mobile plays a beautiful lullaby melody that your baby will love listening to while looking at the exotically beautiful peacock that has been handmade with organic cotton and filled with Oeko-tex standard polyester.
  6. Lil Pyar Hot Hair Balloon MobileThe adorable Lil Pyar Hot Air Balloon Mobile is handmade in the USA from 100% cotton recycled canvas and fuses the world of imagination with shape and movement. Featuring a pink butterfly print, it’s perfect for helping your baby drift off to sleep or to just add come style to their room.
  7. Petit Pehr Noah’s Ark MobileDesigned in Canada and responsibly produced in India, the Petit Pehr Noah’s Ark mobile has quickly become a must have modern heirloom. Each one is hand crafted and made of felted wool to bring happiness when awake and sweet dreams while your baby sleeps. The Noah’s Ark Mobile includes a turtle, elephant, lion, giraffe and a whale.
  8. Petit Pehr Merry Go Round MobileAnother classic from Petit Pehr – the brightly colored and gender-neutral Merry Go Round Mobile is hand crafted out of felted wool that is naturally non-toxic. The felt balls are adorable and will add some flare to your baby’s room, but will also help them learn how to determine size, color and aid with developing depth perception.