9 Must-have New Baby Items

Discover 9 must-have new baby items that will make the first few weeks easier

mom bottle-feeding her baby on a nursing pillow

As you feel your way blindly through the first few weeks of your baby’s life, every little piece of truly helpful advice can help. You’ll soon be hit with sleep deprivation, and harbor endless parenting questions about whether you’re feeding as often as you should be or if baby is warm enough, too hot, too cold, and so on. You’ll tiptoe around your at-long-last-sleeping infant, you’ll long for any trick, tool or tip that’ll make your job as a new parent much easier.

Well now you can rest easy, because we’ve rounded up our pick of the best newborn products so that you don’t have the added stress of shopping around for the best.

In this article we discuss the following new baby essentials:

  • Nursing pillow
  • Nursing essentials set
  • Baby lounger
  • Baby bouncer
  • Baby carrier
  • White noise machine
  • Sleep sack
  • Breast bump
  • Baby bottles
  • Baby basics

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A nursing pillow


A breastfeeding mom can spend up to 12 hours PER DAY feeding her infant while they’re both learning the ropes. What often follows is backache, stiff shoulders and a sore head. The Nook Organic Feeding Pillow helps you position your little one correctly to save your arms, so that you can relax and enjoy the bonding experience. Made of 100% organic breathable fabric, it’s impossibly soft and cosy but also helps keep you both cool. Once your breastfeeding days are done, you can use the pillow as a sitting or tummy time prop for baby or as an armrest when you take some much-needed time to yourself to read a book or enjoy a cup of tea.



Nook Sleep Systems Niche Organic Feeding Pillow


Available in more colors

$119 – $129



Nursing Essentials


To help support you on your breastfeeding journey, we have worked with a registered Lactation Consultant to provide detailed information about breastfeeding tips, nursing holds, mastitis, and more as well as select essential nursing products to help you deal with everything from leaking breasts to the insatiable thirst that comes from producing milk. This Nursing Essentials Set is a must for new moms!

The Tot Feeding Sets Nursing


The Tot Feeding Sets: Nursing






Baby Lounger


Newborn tots spend up to 20 hours a day sleeping but not all of them will want to spend those hours in their crib or bassinet. Moms, meet the ultimate baby lounger. The Dockatot Deluxe+ Dock offers you a safe, soft and stylish spot to pop your baby in to lounge, for a diaper change or to play in. It’s free from chemicals and has a non-heat haboring mattress, so you can rest easy while your little tot does too.



The Dockatot Deluxe+ Dock





Baby bouncer


Studies have shown that movement and exercise can be stimulating for your baby’s mind and can provide him or her with plenty of entertainment. The new BabyBjorn Bouncer Bliss is a cozy place for your baby to play or rest beside you while you take a shower or enjoy a cup of tea.

Baby Bjorn Bouncer Bliss in Anthracite Cotton



BabyBjorn Bouncer Bliss








The American SIDS Institute advises you to place your infant in a bare crib “with no cover, pillows, bumper pads or positioning devices”. Say goodbye to loose blankets that could interfere with their breathing and ‘Halo’ to this organic sleep sack swaddle, which ensures your baby can sleep safely without compromising on comfort. The3-way adjustable swaddle adjusts to your baby’s sleep style and is super cuddly, made from organic cotton and is easy to wash too.



Halo organic sleep sack swaddle





Sleepy shusher


Gone are the days of soothing your baby to sleep with repetitive rocking, rubbing, shushing or singing. The revolutionary Baby Shusher engages your little one’s natural calming reflex by mimicking sounds in utero to help them on their way to the land of nod. It utilizes an ancient but doctor-tested technique, so is definitely a sleep aid to be trusted.



Baby Shusher 





Double breast pump


The Elvie Double Breast Pump makes it possible to pump on your own terms – at home, at work or on-the-go. Small and lightweight, Elvie Pumps are worn inside a standard nursing bra, making them truly hands-free.

Elvie Double Pump

Elvie Double Breast Pump







Registered with the FDA as a medical device, the Upang Plus UV Baby Bottle Sterilizer can sterilize more than just bottles! With this all-in-one sterilizer, you can dry, sterilize, and remove odors from just about anything at the touch of a button. Designed with busy parents in mind, let Upang take care of all the work for you!


Upang Sterlizer


Upang Plus UV Baby Bottle Sterilizer


Available in more colors




Unisex Baby Basics


This 10-piece unisex Baby Gift Set has everything your baby will need in terms of clothing for their first few months of life. Made from super soft pima cotton, the material is extra soft and gentle on baby’s skin.

The Tot Organic 10-piece unisex Baby Gift Set





Baby bottles

Made of borosilicate glass, which is dishwasher-safe and thermal shock-resistant (withstands extreme temperature changes, like boiling or freezing,) the Natursutten Glass Baby Bottles work seamlessly with Natursutten nipples, which are made of all-natural rubber. The anti-colic double-valve ensures a more even milkflow, preventing colic and gas.


Natursutten glass baby bottles

Natursutten Glass Baby Bottles – 2 pack


$30 – $34




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