8 genius kids products

The toys, home wares and kitchenware we buy again and again


Here at The Tot, we’re asked almost every hour of every day for product recommendations. What’s a good baby shower present? What should I buy my new mama friend? What should I get for my four-year-old niece? What’s the best stroller? While we could talk about these until the proverbial cows came home, there are some products that come up over and over again, for their versatility, usefulness and – yep – sheer genius. These are the items we add to cart over and over.

Jaq Jaq Bird Doodle it books


As parents, we’ve all been there. You sit down to sip a much-needed coffee at a café, or eat breakfast out (because you’ve been up since 5.58am and everyone needs a change of scenery) and you suddenly realize: you have nothing to entertain the kids with. Enter the Doodle It Books, borne of necessity by mom Grace Paik, who was forced to dine out every night while renovating her home, she devised the clever reusable coloring books. Simply genius, the books feature 8 pages and come with 4 dust-free Butterstix chalks – perfect for travel and home use. We’re sold.

Studio Cheha lamps


When is a lamp not a lamp? When it’s created using illusion LED lights, that’s when. At Studio Cheha, cutting edge design is fused with crazy innovation to make products that defy belief and confound expectations. Eco-friendly and incredibly safe for children, these are lights you won’t be afraid to leave on all night long. Your tots will be happy, and so will you.

Play & Go Classic Toy Storage Bag


Tis a truth universally acknowledged that a good parent is always in want of a storage solution for her kid’s toys. Always. Good news – you can pack away your boxes and collapsible bags, and invest in this, instead. With nifty, simple design, the Play & Go bag folds out to become a play mat, and with a draw of a string, your kids can easily pull the toys into a bindle-type bag for easy packing away. Seriously, why didn’t we think of this first?

Plox Travel Kit


Travel with kids can be… challenging. Long days in the car, or on a plane, can test the mettle of even the calmest parent. That’s where the Plox Travel Kit comes in – filled with everything a kid could need to entertain themselves on vacation (like a journal, activity and coloring book, pens and pencils and playing cards). 99.9 percent guaranteed to stop boredom-induced tantrums before they even begin.

Bambamboom placemats


Every parent knows that silicone is a wonder material. Easy to clean, safe for kids and virtually indestructible, it’s a wonder we even had kids before we had this stuff around. At Bambamboom, silicone is used to make placemats that make both mealtimes and arts and craft time simple and fun – for you and your tot. Easy to clean (simply wipe down or place in the dishwasher), 100 per cent food grade safe and ethically made, these placemats make life a little cleaner – and that’s a big win, in our book.


DigginBoxSetAirplanes1-600x600  DigginBoxSetCars1-600x600
It’s the stuff of kid’s dreams – fold open the wooden box to reveal a complete toy set. Pure magic, right? Diggin’s complete airplane and car toy sets make beautiful gifts you can be sure will last the test of time. With endless potential for creative and imaginative play, these are truly wonderful toys.

FridaBaby The Toothhugger


The Toothhugger is a unique triple-angle brush that attacks plaque fast by hugging teeth and cleaning all sides at once. It’s specially designed with little brushers in mind, it has an easy-to-hold handle that suctions to any surface and soft bristles that are gentle on sensitive gums. Your Tot will actually love toothbrush time!



Wee Gallery Color Changing Bath Books are beautifully illustrated and will magically change color when you dip it in water. Each book introduces children to a range of creatures, are squeezable, and will bring all the fun to bath time. As your child gets older, they can use them as activity books by using a paint brush and water to reveal the colors.