7 safe bedding picks for kids

Choosing bedding and mattresses made from all-natural materials, like organic cotton, wool, hemp and natural latex will not only improve your tots’ sleep but also give you much-needed peace of mind too


Ensuring your little one has a good night’s sleep can be challenge enough with feeding on demand and night terrors, but there are also other factors that come into play that may cause issues. Mainstream bedding – quilts, duvets and linens – can have hidden dangers lurking within them like flame retardants and toxic dyes which have been linked to a variety of health problems. 

Flame retardants are a family of chemical compounds that reduce flammability or inhibit the spread of fire. These chemicals which are sprayed onto fabric and foam mattresses have been linked to respiratory issues and can even contain carcinogens. Being sprayed, not bonded onto the materials, means flame retardants are likely to gradually shed and can often attach to dust particles settling on the floor and shelves and ultimately end up in our precious baby’s airways. One particular type of flame retardant known as poly brominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) is so airborne it’s even been found in random places like seal blubber in Greenland and the breast milk of American women. Crazy huh?

So wherever possible, opt for natural mattresses composed of a variety of materials, including organic cotton, wool, hemp, silk, natural latex and natural foam. Natural latex comes from Para rubber trees and is naturally anti-microbial, hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites. Keep a look out for mattresses made from natural fibers too, such as coconut husks, mohair and lamb’s wool. It’s good to know that wool is naturally resistant to mildew and dust mites and is also a natural fire retardant (so no PBDEs are necessary). Hemp is another one that’s naturally resistant to mold and mildew. And of course, organic cotton is the least allergenic of all the materials, which is reflected in our bedding selection on The Tot.

It’s also important to choose bedding fabrics that are produced from sustainably grown and minimally processed fibers that are free of toxic dyes, bleaches and finishes. Sadly, claims of being “100% natural” do not necessarily mean the material is free from pesticides or chemicals. Did you know that 25 percent of the world’s insecticides are used on cotton grown in the U.S? So stay vigilant and opt for linens made from chemical-free materials, like organic cotton, bamboo or wool. 

Here at The Tot, we’ve saved you unnecessary panic and listed some of the best and safest – both for the environment and of course, the health of your tots – organic bedding to choose from. When in doubt though, read the label and don’t hesitate to contact the manufacturer for more information.

Tot Tested Bedding Picks

Meri Meri Campground Organic Cotton Duvet Cover

Made from 100% organic cotton, Meri Meri Campground Organic Cotton Duvet Cover is as chic as it is practical, with kitsch arrows, trees, tents and mountain ranges in neon colors to add some adventurous fun to their bedroom.

Meri Meri 100% Organic Cotton Reversible Duvet Cover 


For an intergalactic take on bedtime, look no further than the Meri Meri 100% Organic Cotton Reversible Duvet Cover with multicolored flecks of cool, cosmos-inspired patterns.

Meri Meri Peach Embroidered Organic Cotton Quilt


The Meri Meri Peach Embroidered Organic Cotton Quilt is beautifully soft with vibrant neon coral stitching and wool tassels for contrast. And it comes in a coordinating drawstring bag for easy storage.

Meri Meri Mint Constellation Blanket


Made from 100% organic knitted cotton, the Meri Meri Mint Constellation Blanket is the perfect throw to envelop your little tot with warmth. The reversible design features blue and ivory stars and an eye-catching neon yellow trim.

Modern Burlap Reversible Quilt

Four layers of certified organic cotton muslin make the Modern Burlap Reversible Quilt a dream to swaddle baby in come bedtime. And being patterned with  water-based black and white cross print will help stimulate your tot’s brain development.

 Little Unicorn Cotton Muslin Crib Sheet and Quilt


The Little Unicorn Cotton Muslin Crib Sheet and Quilt features four layers for added breathability and softness. The planetary design is fun and soothing for bedtime.

Nook Sleep Systems – Mattresses + Pillow

NookMattressMisty  NookPillowPebbleJrCloud11

Nook Sleep Systems has a variety of non-toxic mattress options featuring a certified organic coconut core layered with natural latex foam. Browse the full Nook range.