7 Innovative Kids Products You’ll Want Right Now

Have you ever come across a product and thought, “Gee! I wish I had thought of that!” Us too. From UV ink fabric pens to a universal silicone sippy cup lid, we’ve got 7 products that will blow your mind.


At The Tot we’re always on the hunt for things that will enrich the time we spend with our families and friends. We also want things that are not only kind to our bodies, but also the earth. Whether we’re traveling, having a lazy weekend indoors, looking for the perfect gift or simply trying to keep our kids occupied while we get dinner sorted, it feels incredible when we find a product that brings that bit of extra and ticks all the boxes.

When searching for new products we look for brands that are doing things differently – we want the brands that find a safer material, who use a more socially conscious approach or design things that are intended to be used for years instead of minutes. Below are six products we love from brands that are bringing a fresh approach to classic ideas and making the world an even more exciting place.

Selfie Clothing Co.



If you have a little artist or fashionista, you’re going to want one (or a few) of Selfie Clothing Co.’s Color-In Tops. Handmade and printed in the UK, their ultra soft jersey cotton t-shirts have illustrated designs ranging from dinosaurs to mermaids to cactus scenes just begging to be colored in. Each top comes with a set of UV ink fabric pens, which are completely non-toxic, incredibly vibrant, long lasting and air set after 24 hours or with the aid of an iron. When it comes to helping kids express themselves, Selfie Clothing Co. totally knows what’s up.


Nuna Leaf Grow



Bouncers have been around for years and for good reason – babies love them and parents need them to be able to get anything done. Nuna, a brand famous for their award winning Dutch designs, have found a way to make their bouncer grow with your baby. With a firm understanding that kids will always need comfort and a space to call their own, they designed the Nuna Leaf Grow. It has multiple settings and configurations that allow it to transform from newborn nest to toddler chair, making it a piece that will be used by your child for years, instead of months!


Silikids Siliskin Sippy Cup 


Finding a cup your child will actually drink from/ not break isn’t always easy. Some kids prefer straws, while others like a spout. Some cups break or leak or are clearly not ergonomically designed for little hands and mouths. Not the Silikids Siliskin Sippy Cup. Made from 100% food grade silicone and stainless steel, this cup and lid set is extremely durable and very easy to drink from. The best part – the lid is interchangeable and can fit over pretty much any size cup meaning you’re all sorted at restaurants or a friend’s house.


Wee Gallery Color Changing Bath Books


Both reading and water play are important for your child’s cognitive development as well as high contrast images, which is why creating color changing bath books was a no brainer for Wee Gallery. Completely waterproof and non-toxic, babies as young as six months can begin to explore the world of art, water and color. Once a bit older, the books can be used with a paintbrush and water to help hone your tot’s fine motor skills. This wonderful brand was founded by a husband wife duo who are a graphic designer and teacher respectively, which is why they create toys and games that are recommended by child psychologists and pediatricians around the world. They also always strive to use eco-friendly materials and only work with Fair Trade manufacturers and suppliers making them even more amazing.


Jaq Jaq Bird Doodle It Book



Founded by a mother of three who desperately needed her children to be entertained while eating out, Jaq Jaq Bird is famous for their Chalk Mats which double as placemats and coloring pads. Today, the mat is in its 5th generation and has been perfected to a T! Ideal for travel, eating out at a restaurant or used for waiting room fun, these chalk coloring books are completely non-toxic and can be used over and over again. Available in a range of themed patterns, they make a wonderful and useful gift that any kids will love.

Doddle & Co The Pop Pacifier 

Using their award-winning backgrounds in Marketing and Industrial Design, Doddle & Co’s creative mom duo wanted to make the world of parenting easier with unique products such as the ingenius  Pop Pacifier. Made from 100% silicone, every time this pacifier falls out of your baby’s mouth, the nipple pops back into its built-in protective silicone bubble. The safe and intuitive design mimics the natural teat with a gentle pop. With a gentle push from a parent the nipple is slightly exposed and there’s no need to pop it any further as your baby’s suckling will keep it in place.

4Moms MamaRoo

Parents are just going to fall in love with this clever new bouncer by 4Moms. It moves like you do… The MamaRoo infant seat bounces up and down, and sways from side to side, just like parents do when comforting their baby. You can select from five unique motions, four built-in sounds, and five speeds and the seat reclines to multiple positions to allow baby to lie back and relax, or sit up and play. Oh, and the MamaRoo is also Bluetooth enabled, so you can control the motion, sound, speed and volume from your compatible smart device!