7 Heirloom Gifts For Baby

When it comes to shopping for the perfect gift for a baby shower or new arrival, you simply can’t go wrong with these seven heirloom gifts. Intended to be passed down from generation to generation, they’re practical, sentimental and something everyone will love.

baby girl in leather bassinet

We love heirloom baby gifts for a number of reasons. Made with high quality materials that are designed to last multiple lifetimes, they are ultimately works of art that get to be part of your baby’s daily life, cherished, and then shared between family members and friends.

They hold memories and tell stories. There’s something incredibly special about seeing a baby or child wear the same clothing as their mother and grandmother. Or a little boy sleep in the same moses basket that his father did. It’s a subtle reminder of the passage of time and just how precious the first few years are.

With parents constantly being bombarded with clothing and furniture that can only be used for a short period of time and ultimately ends up in a landfill, it’s refreshing to receive something you know that you’ll have forever.

For example, bassinets tend to only be used for the first six months. The team at Aristot decided to change that by making a bassinet that can be converted into a stylish piece of furniture when not being used by baby. Once that baby is all grown up, it can be easily turned back into a bassinet ready for their baby.


Aristot Bassinet in Velvet Dusty Rose with Rondo Base in Gold


7 Heirloom Baby Gifts



Bonpoint Baby Alpaca Wool Jacquard Set


Bonpoint Alpaca Wool Jacquard Set

Made with the softest 100% baby alpaca wool, this adorable Bonpoint baby set has a traditional and timeless Jacquard pattern that makes it both stylish and warm.


Marie Chantal Pointelle Angel Wing Cashmere Blanket


Marie Chantal Pointelle Cashmere Baby Blanket in Ivory

The Marie-Chantal Pointelle Angel Wing Cashmere Blanket is simple, sweet and utterly precious. Made in 100% cashmere, it’s super soft to touch and the perfect gift for newborns or expecting mamas.


Poeme & Poesie Baby Silk Velvet Dress w/ Lace Collar & Bloomer

Poeme & Poesie Dress & Bloomer Set with Lace Collar in Red Velvet

Handmade from 100% silk velvet and lace, this stunning poème & poésie red Silk Velvet Dress is truly a work of art. While having an antique look and feel, it’s designed to meet the needs of modern kids. A true heirloom piece to be handed down the generations.


Anne Claire Petit Giant Teddy Bear


Anne Claire Petit Giant Teddy Bear


Exclusively available at The Tot, the Anne Claire Petit Giant Teddy Bear is made of soft organic cotton and measures just over two feet high!


Marie-Chantal Mini Cashmere Angel Wing Cardigan


Marie Chantal Mini Cashmere Cardigan in Cream


Available in cream and pink, the timeless Marie-Chantal Mini Cashmere Angel Wing Cardigan is easy to throw on over any look to add style and warmth.


Aristot Bassinet – Curule Base


Dockatot Aristot Bassinet Dusty Blue & Curule Base

The Dusty Blue Velvet bassinet adds a dash of romance and beauty to any décor, while the Aristot Curule Base features a stylish square cross-section and legs that appear to be gently kissing the ground.


Peeps Paper Products Baby Book


Peeps Paper Product Baby Book

Document every moment of your newborn’s first year on the beautiful pages of this unique Baby Book that will be cherished for generations to come.  The journal is made of all natural materials – bound in Japanese asahi cloth and printed on Mohawk superfine paper – allowing it to last over 300 years and become a family heirloom.


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