6 Things To Avoid When Creating A Baby Registry

Creating a baby registry is a great way to let your family and friends know what you actually want and need for the impending arrival of your bundle of joy. However, there are six mistakes you definitely don’t want to make. In this article, we look at the dos and don’ts of baby registries.

Baby registry mistakes

When it comes to letting your family and friends know what you need and want for your baby, a gift registry is a fantastic option. If you don’t register, you may run the risk of getting a million onesies, a plethora of bibs or more bottles than you know what to do with. With an online registry like the one available on The Tot, people can easily see what products you’ve chosen, which ones have already been purchased and what you still need fulfilled.

After having created multiple gift registries ourselves, some of us parents at The Tot have learned the hard way of the dos and don’ts of baby registries. To help save you some suffering, here are six mistakes to avoid when creating yours.

6 things to avoid


1. Over-registering for one particular item

One of the most common things people over-register for is bottles. While you may already be planning to pump and bottle feed (or formula feed), babies can be fussy when it comes to bottles. We recommend registering for a few different kinds, so that when you’re trying to get them to latch on you have options. Once you know which one your baby loves, get more! Same goes for pacifiers.


2. Choosing the wrong sizes

Babies start out smaller than you think they will and grow way faster than you can imagine! Make sure you have newborn-sized clothing on hand for the first few weeks. However, don’t have too much because they’ll be in 3–6 month–size clothing in no time. Register for all sizes needed during baby’s first year, and make sure your selections are seasonally appropriate.

In addition to clothing sizes, consider those for bottle nipples. In the first few months of your baby’s life, they need a much slower flow. Be sure to check that you’re registering for an array of nipple sizes and not just one.


3. Forgetting about practical things

It’s incredibly easy to get carried away when it comes to picking clothes for your baby. It’s even easier when you have baby moccasins and mini leather sandals to choose from. While these adorable items are alluring, don’t forget about the practical things like a grooming kitdiaperslotions diaper creams, a baby carrier, crib bedding, hooded towels and other everyday items.


4. Not registering for big-ticket items

Just because something is on the expensive side doesn’t mean you shouldn’t register for it. Family members or friends often come together to put money towards it for you. Need a crib or dresser for your nursery? It’s totally fine to put that on your registry!


5. Neglecting yourself

Baby registries aren’t just about babies. As a mother you’re going to love having things like nursing products and pads and hospital-friendly attire to work with. Don’t forget to think about your needs.


6. Omitting gift cards

Sometimes you really don’t know what you’re going to need until you do. Maybe you need more swaddles, a breast pump, another change of clothes or a better diaper bag. Gift cards let you come back and shop when you’re ready.


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