5 Made By Dads Brands We Love

One of these brands makes a wooden robot that teaches kids how to code, another created a truly all-terrain stroller, two offer stylish and innovative sleeping solutions and the other invented the famous sanity-saving MamaRoo bouncer. So what do they all have in common? They were all started by dads and we can’t get enough of them.

bloom highchair

When choosing brands to work with, we like to dig deep and find what drives them. Where do they draw inspiration from? What need are they fulfilling? What efforts are they making to reduce their environmental impact? Are they giving back to their communities? Are they listening to the needs of customers as they evolve?

A brand’s ethos is just as important as their product, which is why we didn’t blink twice when choosing to align ourselves with Halo, 4moms, Primo Toys, Veer and Bloom. All started by dads who wanted to create things that would enrich their families’ lives (while having a positive impact on the world,) these made by dad brands deserve a whole lot of love.


Halo by Bill Schmid

Halo Twin Bassinet with family 

Bill Schmid and his wife Cathy founded Halo after losing their infant daughter, Haley, to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) in 1991. Understandably completely devastated by their loss, they channeled their grief into creating something good. In an effort to prevent this horrific tragedy from happening to others, Bill sifted through mountains of the latest medical research, spoke to health professionals, interviewed parents and met with world-renowned designers to create the original Sleep Sack. And thus – Halo was born. Dedicated to creating the safest sleep solutions for babies, the collection now includes bassinets, portable cribs, swaddles and soothers.


4moms by Henry Thorne and Rob Daley


4 moms Mama Roo Cool Mesh Grey


When friends and fathers, Henry Thorne and Rob Daley met up in 2004 to discuss family life and future business ventures, little did they know they were about to shake up the baby gear industry – big time. Thorne, a roboticist, and Daley, a venture capitalist, knew first hand just how un-user friendly some baby gear can be. Surely there must be a way to make things work quicker, smoother and more efficiently. After holding a focus group to find out exactly what moms (and dads) wanted, Thorne and Daley became passionate about revolutionizing the way parents live life with their kids through the use of technology. The result: 4moms, an innovative company that creates bouncers, strollers, play yards, high chairs and more.


Primo Toys by Filippo Yacob


Primo Toys Cubetto

Primo Toys changed the game of coding when they launched Cubetto – a wooden robot that teaches children as young as three the rudiments of coding without the use of screens. Founded by father, Filippo Yacob, who was featured on Forbe’s 30 Under 30 Social Entrepreneurs List, Primo Toys is the answer to a lot of parents’ and educators’ prayers. In a world where tech is king, play-based learning is still crucial for a child’s cognitive and physical development. Anxious to provide children with the skills needed to adapt to the tech world when they were older while still allowing their minds to create, problem solve and imagine without a back-lit screen impairing their development, Yacob is pioneering the way for screen-free tech toys.

Veer by Andrew Bowman

Veer all Terrain Stroller x wagon

When father and stroller expert, Andrew Bowman was on the sidelines of a sporting field, he witnessed numerous parents struggle to push tired infants and toddlers up and down hilly terrain. Knowing there must be a better way, Andrew gathered a veteran crew of craftsman, designers, engineers and storytellers who arrived hungry for adventure. As the team began to work, a certain dynamic became clear. This was not just about mobility. It was about family fun. Scrapping convention, the team crafted a rogue, safety-approved, all-terrain vehicle with the prowess to embark active families into a world of outdoor adventure and unlimited fun. And just like that Veer had been born.


Bloom by Jason Lewis, Simon May, Francisco Balderrama, and Jon Lake


Bloom Fresco Special Edition High Chair


Bloom blossomed from the minds of four dads who wanted to combine their knowledge and appreciation of contemporary design with the needs of today’s parents. While they knew their products needed to look amazing (sleek, modern, sophisticated and timeless) they also knew that they needed to offer longevity, versatility and the ability to make daily life with kids harmonious and stress-free. Through the use of recycled, non-toxic and low-VOC materials, Bloom creates baby furniture and gear that slips seamlessly into any design aesthetic.