10 Birthday gifts for 1-year olds

Congratulations! You made it through the first year of being a mama – well done you!

While the first year of your tot’s life was no doubt filled with quite a few sleepless nights, a lot of steep learning curves and of course, a whole lot of cuddles and love, this coming year of their lives will be one of huge growth and development.

If your one-year-old isn’t yet on the move, she soon will be. She’ll need a set of soft-soled shoes to get around in now (we’ve got a recommendation below) and you’ll need to keep an (even closer!) eye on her as she moves about. Her hand-eye coordination is getting better, and you can encourage these skills by giving her toys that stimulate these senses, like blocks, board books and wooden toys. Her grasp of language, too, will get better and better, and you’ll soon find that her vocabulary is quite big! Encourage this by talking to her and reading as much as possible – it really is a brilliant way for tots to learn, and for parents to bond with their little ones. The gifts we’ve chosen below are perfect for one-year-olds and their curious, creative minds.

Once more, congrats on this most momentous of milestones – and happy shopping!

  1. Twoodie Stacking GemsInspired by the Montessori school of “free play,” these divine wooden blocks were made and designed in Japan, and are available exclusively from The Tot. As stylish as they are useful, they’re easy for little hands to grip and move, and allow your tot to develop her coordination and creative skills.
  2. Korxx Brickle in ColorGive your tot the gift of creativity with this set of brightly colored, soft, durable blocks – the perfect blank canvas for their developing minds. With these blocks, your tot can build just about anything, allowing them to engage in creative play, develop their hand-eye coordination and foster a sense of independence.
  3. Coco and Ginger Delphine SetFor the tot with discerning taste, this adorable top-and-bloomer set is an absolute must. Inspired by the flowing, stylish garments of South America, this chic top and matching bloomers are perfect for summer vacations by the sea… or just the local park!
  4. shooshoos MoccasinsPerfect for little feet just beginning to move, these slip-on moccasins are made from soft leather and feature an elasticized ankle band, so they’re easy to pull on and off. The best part? No laces to trip over! Available in three stylish colors, these moccasins will become an integral part of your tot’s wardrobe.
  5. Haba Moover Dolls PramIf your tot just loves other babies, this will make a perfect gift. Not only is the vintage-inspired stroller beautiful to look at, it encourages tots to take care of their “babies” and nurture them – what could be better than that? Made from sustainable wood, this is the kind of gift that will be passed down from child to child.
  6. Manny and Simon Fire Truck Push ToyDoes your tot dream of growing up to be a firefighter? Encourage them with this adorable wooden toy, made for little fingers to grasp. Parents will love the fact that this looks like an heirloom toy, and kids will just love it.
  7. Marysia Bumby One Piece. Hand-cut and scalloped to ladylike perfection, this swimsuit is inspired by the glamour of Old Hollywood, and is perfect for the stylish tot (who needs to look good, even in the water!). We love this swimsuit so much. It’s perfect for Mommy & Me dressing… Ssshhh… our guilty pleasure!
  8. Donsje Amsterdam Mouse Shoe. These adorable little mouse shoes are perfectly designed to allow baby and toddler feet the space to move freely, and to develop naturally and safely in preparation for those long-awaited first steps! Featuring raised ears and adjustable closure clasps.
  9. DL 1961 Toby Infant Jean. Suitable for little girls and boys, these super-stretchy jeans are perfect for little ones. They fit comfortably and feature an elasticated waistband that make them incredibly easy to pull on and off, even when your tot is wearing a diaper. Even better, they look chic and elegant, and can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion.
  10. Brio – Musical ShakersMusic is beneficial to a tot’s intellectual, social and emotional development. By learning to play an instrument, little ones get to experience how the body and mind can work together, while practicing their hand-eye coordination, critical thinking and self-expression.