Gifts for 1 Year Olds – 10 Options for Boys or Girls

Shopping for a 1 year old? It’s wise to think about what developmental milestones they’re hitting when picking toys and gifts. Here’s what we’re buying!

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There’s something extra special about a first birthday. It doesn’t matter if you’re shopping for your own child, a niece or nephew or friend’s baby, getting a gift to commemorate that first magical year can be really exciting. Since a babies tend to hit milestones at different times, it’s wise to think about what a one year old’s mind and body may be doing.


Child Development at 1 Year Old

If your 1 year old isn’t yet on the move, they will be soon! Providing gifts that help with walking can be really helpful. For example, soft soled shoes that let little toes grip the floor for balance, walkers that provide the stability needed for babies to stand up on their own and rockers or ride-on toys that help strengthen core muscles.

Around this time, hand-eye coordination is getting better so you can encourage these skills by giving toys that stimulate senses, like stackers, board books and musical toys.

You also can’t go wrong with insanely soft pajamas or a personalized gift.


Best toys and gifts for 1 year olds

Whether you’re shopping for a Christmas gift or a birthday present idea for a 1 year old, here are some of our gift recommendations for playtime:

  • Ride on toy
  • Stacking ring
  • Personalized jean jacket
  • Baby walker
  • Soft sole shoes
  • Bath toy
  • Board books
  • Pajamas
  • Musical toy
  • Slide

Scroll down to see the options we’ve pulled for each of these gift ideas and shop below!


Baghera Racer Monochrome 


Baghera Racer Monochrome

Ride on toys are a great way to strengthen leg muscles, introduce the concept of steering and promote active play. Buy the Monochrome Baghera Racer here.


PlanToys First Stacking Ring


PlanToys First Stacking Ring

A new take on a classic toy, this stacker is wonderful for promoting hand-eye coordination. Buy the PlanToys First Stacking Ring here.


Levi’s Custom Embroidered Denim Trucker Jacket


Levi's Kid's Denim Jacket with personalized embroidery in Font 8

You simply can’t go wrong by gifting something personalized. Sure to be a true treasure, you can get a name, phrase or date embroidered on it. Buy the Levi’s Custom Embroidered Denim Trucker Jacket here.


Bajo Baby Walker


Bajo Baby Walker

The thing we love about this walker is that it converts into a wagon once your tot gets comfortable on their feet! Buy the Bajo Baby Walker here.


Consciously Baby Soft Sole Leather Boot


Consciously Baby Leather Boots Tahoe Blue AW19

Available in three colors, these insanely cute boots offer the room babies need for the healthy development of their feet. Buy Consciously Baby Soft Sole Leather Boots here.


Green Toys Tugboat 


Green Toys Tug Boat

Bath or pool play is extra fun with this tugboat. Also great for rinsing soapy hair, it’s a must-have for any water baby! Buy the Green Toys Tugboat here.


Little Scientist Board Book Set


Mudpuppy Little Scientist Board Book Sets


Board books are crucial because they can withstand being thrown across the room or touched by something sticky. This is a great set to introduce your baby to the world of science! Buy the Mudpuppy Little Scientist Board Book Set here.


HART + LAND Pima Cotton Footed Bodysuit PJ – Skiers


HART + LAND Skier Footed Pajama


Footed bodysuits help keep little feet and toes warm all night long. Featuring a vintage skier print, this timeless PJ will bring you all the winter feels. Buy the HART + LAND Pima Cotton Footed Bodysuit PJ here.


BabyNoise Egg Shakers


BabyNoise Wooden Egg Shakers in Natural & White

These shakers are beneficial for both cognitive and physical development. Fun for a baby to shake, they will have your tot jamming in no time. Buy BabyNoise Egg Shakers here.


Jupiduu Slide


Jupiduu Slide

Who says you have to go to the playground to have fun? The Jupiduu Slide is a fantastically fun way to work on gross motor skills. Buy the Hape High Seas Rocker here.


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