10 Of The Best Baby Registry Products We’ve Ever Seen

When you don’t have the right products, getting from Point A to Point B (your nursery to your living room) with a new baby can feel like you’re trying to tackle Mount Everest in flip flops. Don’t fret though – we’ve got 10 basics that will help you reach “Base Camp” with ease.

A mother holding her baby on top of a Nook Niche Organic Feeding Pillow

When it comes to adjusting to life with a new baby, having the right basics on hand can make the transition to parenthood a lot less rocky and a whole lot more enjoyable.

While they are growing like little weeds – babies are still dependent on you for absolutely everything. This can be daunting, we know. Simple things like having a shower, a cup of tea, going to the grocery store or checking the mail can seem like a Herculean task when you have a newborn in tow.

Luckily – there are products out there that can save the day.


What products do newborns need?

During the first six months of their lives, babies spend a lot of their time sleeping, however, they are also busy eating, pooping, and strengthening their core and neck muscles through activities like tummy time.

While it may be tempting to dash out and order a mechanical swing or wipes warmer, the truth is you don’t really need those things as long as you have the right newborn basics!

When shopping for yourself or making your baby registry, be sure to include:

  • Baby grooming kit
  • Nursing pillow
  • Swaddles and/or burp cloths
  • Sterilizer
  • Baby bath, hooded towel + personal care items
  • Organic cotton bodysuit
  • Sleeping bag
  • Soother
  • Developmental activities and toys
  • Bouncer and/or infant lounger


10 baby basics every registry needs

While things like bouncers have been around for decades, the brands we love and recommend have a firm grasp of the needs of today’s parents and are creating pieces that give a bit extra.

They are either designed to grow with your child, offer multiple uses or be past down from sibling to sibling or friend to friend.

If you’re like us (conscious about the environment, your family’s health and after pieces that offer versatility as well as style) then you’re going to want to know about these 10 basics.


#1 Fridababy Baby Grooming Kit


fridababy Baby Grooming Kit


The fridababy baby grooming kit is fantastic because it contains nails specifically designed for cutting newborn nails. This is important because newborns accidentally scratch their faces due to the fact they’re not quite in control of their bodies yet!

It also has a brush and comb to prevent newbie dreadlocks as well as a finger brush to help clean breastmilk or formula off gums – morning & night!


fridababy Baby Grooming Kit


fridababy Baby Grooming Kit






#2 Nook Sleep System Niche Organic Feeding Pillow


Lifestyle image of mom and baby with Nook Niche Feeding Pillow in Pacific


It doesn’t matter if you’re breast or bottle-feeding, you’re going to want a nursing pillow like Nook’s Niche Organic option.

Designed to save your neck, back and arms, it will keep your baby in the ideal ergonomic position while eating, sleeping, staring and even giggling! The best part: it can be used as a pregnancy pillow, infant lounger and seat to aid sitting up!


Nook Niche Feeding Pillow in SeaGlass


Nook Sleep Systems Niche Organic Feeding Pillow


Ranging from $119 to $129

Available in more colors




#3 Swaddles and Burp cloths


Malabar Baby Organic Swaddle Set - Busy Bees


Swaddles and burp cloths are going to be your best friend. From cleaning up spit up to creating shade to protecting your clothes, these wonder products will live in your diaper bag, nursery, kitchen and heart!


Malabar Baby Swaddle Set in Busy Bee print


Malabar Baby Organic Cotton Muslin Swaddle Set – Busy Bees



Available in more prints



hart + land organic cotton burp cloths


HART + LAND Organic Cotton Burp Cloth – 3 Pack




Available in more prints




#4 Upang Plus UV Baby Bottler Sterilizer


If you’re going to be bottle-feeding, you’re going to want to know about the no-steam, no-microwave, no-fuss Upang Plus UV Baby Bottle Sterilizer.

Instead of using steam to sterlize, it uses innovate UV rays that are proven to kill 99.9% of harmful bacteria including the H1N1_A flu virus and candida.


Upange white Sterilizer


Upang Plus UV Baby Bottle Sterilizer



Available in more colors




#5 Stokke Flexibath Tub w/ Newborn Support, Hooded Towel + Non-Toxic Baby Wash


Stokke Flexibath White


Bath time can be nerve-racking for new parents, which is why we love Stokke’s Flexi Bath + Newborn Support. Completely non-toxic, it’s durable, safe and most of all – comfortable. Little ones will love splashing around, while you’ll love knowing it’s a product you can use kid after kid. It’s also insanely easy to store! Once your kids have outgrown it, turn it into a handy storage box for toys!

As for non-toxic personal care products, this is extra important due to the fact that babies have much more sensitive skin than adults.

Stokke Flexi Bath Support

Stokke Flexi bath

Stokke Flexibath Tub w/ Newborn Support






healthynest Shampoo and Body Wash System


Healthynest Shampoo and Body Wash System






TOWL Organic Hooded Baby Towel


TOWL Organic Hooded Baby Towel







#6 HART + LAND Organic Cotton Bodysuit


A little girl wearing the HART + LAND organic cotton ribbed romper while playing in her nursery


Organic cotton is one of our favorite materials for babies because it’s farmed without the use of pesticides and free of chemicals like flame retardants and formaldehyde!

The reason we love an organic cotton bodysuit like this romper from HART + LAND is that it’s cute enough for outings, but cozy enough for when nap time calls.


HART + LAND Baby/Toddler ribbed organic cotton onesie


HART + LAND Baby/Toddler Organic Cotton Ribbed Romper




Available in more colors




#7 Kyte BABY Sleeping Bag


Three babies wearing Kyte Baby sleeping bags


Want your baby to sleep through the night? Get them a sleeping bag.

While blankets can fall off or potentially obstruct your child from breathing, sleeping bags are designed to keep your baby warm, cozy and SAFE. The Kyte BABY sleep bag is extra wonderful because it’s made of bamboo rayon, which is naturally hypoallergenic, breathable and all sorts of soft.


Kyte BABY Baby Spring/Summer Solid Sleep Bag - Seafoam


Kyte BABY Sleeping Bag



Available in more colors

TOG rating: 1.0 (ideal for 69 – 73 °F room temp)




#8 Baby Shusher


One of the trickiest parts about parenting is getting your baby to sleep or stay happy in a lounger, crib or stroller! Luckily – someone invented the Baby Susher!

Designed to mimic the sounds a baby hears in utero, it magically soothes fussy babies at home or while out and about!


Baby Susher Baby Shusher


Baby Shusher






#9 The Tot Play & Learn Sets


While it’s easy to forget newborns and infants need to be properly stimulated and engaged with to achieve important developmental milestones.

To make it easier for parents, we worked with an early learning educator to create a booklet of recommended activities as well as compile their favorite developmental toys for babies.


Play & Learn Bundle 0-3m


The Tot Play & Learn Set 0 – 3 Months







The Tot Play & Learn Set 3-6 months


The Tot Play & Learn Set 3 – 6 Months







#10 Bombol Bamboo 3D Knit Bouncer + DockATot Deluxe+ Dock


While you can probably get away with one or the other, you will totally love having both!

Here’s why: babies tend to like being in one place for about 15 minutes. Then it’s onto the next apparatus! We love the Bombol Bouncer because it evolves into a toddler chair, while the DockATot is genius because it lets you safely put your baby down for a rest, a play or tummy time – anytime and anywhere.



Bombol Bamboo Bouncer Pebbel Grey


Bombol Bamboo 3D Knit Bouncer



Available in more colors



 Dockatot Deluxe

DockATot Deluxe+ Dock



Printed covers sold separately




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