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The Tot Gift Guide for the mini chef

Set your little foodie’s imagination free with these awe-inspiring cooking toys.


Ask any professional chef when they developed a passion for food and they’ll probably tell you they were chopping toy vegetables and creating make-believe meals before they took their first steps.

If your child has an appetite for concocting culinary masterpieces, you’ll love our beautiful range of wooden cooking toys that will inspire their imagination, encourage role-play, develop their creativity and social skills, and improve their mathematical abilities as they count the pieces and divide food into equal portions.

Beyond their developmental benefits, these splendid heirloom-quality toys are made from child-safe materials and will last for generations to come. We’ve certainly come a long way since the days of plastic fruit that had a funny chemical smell and got crushed into strange shapes after you’d played with them a few times!

But kids won’t care about any of that fancy development stuff or the boring safety and quality standards Mom and Dad carry on about. They’ll just be beside themselves with excitement when they see all the yummy play food they can chop, toss, sizzle and fry!

So, what are you waiting for? Tie on your apron and join us for some mouthwatering fun!


Baking set: Housed in a sturdy, vintage-looking cardboard carrying case, this Moulin Roty baking kit comes with everything a child needs to do what grown-ups do in the kitchen. The unique case contains charming child-size versions of real, usable cooking utensils! The set includes a French-style apron, an oven mitt, rolling pin, two heart and two star-shaped cookie cutters, stainless steel cake tins suitable for oven use. Age recommendation: 6 years +


Chef’s cooking set: Mini foodies will love Hape’s seven-piece Chef’s Cooking Set that includes a pan, pot, lid, rolling pin, wooden spoon, wooden spatula and whisk. Parents will be thrilled that the set is sustainably produced and made from child-safe wood, metal and water-based paint. Age recommendation: 3 years +


All-in-one kitchen: This stunning Wooden Play Kitchen takes the cake! It features an array of realistic appliances including an oven, a sink, a coffee maker, a microwave that really dings, a range hood with a light, and so much more. As with all other Hape products, the materials used are non-toxic and child-safe. Age recommendation: 3 years +


Kid’s apron & utensil set: This culinary-inspired apron is perfect for encouraging kids in the kitchen. Dust off the flour and its ready for some crafting or play. Kids will love cooking with mom or dad that much more with their own set of utensils.


Mixer: Aspiring bakers will whip up all manner of imaginary cakes and sweet treats with Hape’s Mighty Mixer. They’ll love pretending to measure out the correct quantities of flour and brown sugar, and the beater that really turns will delight their senses. Martha Stewart would be jealous! Age recommendation: 3 years +


Portable kitchen play set: Your little chef will love creating culinary masterpieces with the Moulin Roty Kitchen Valise set! With 7 kitchen utensils, in red enamel metal, ready to cook delicious dishes for a whole family of teddy bears and dolls! All carefully held in place with velcro and latches in a superbly illustrated wooden case: ready to carry anywhere! Age recommendation: 3 years +


Healthy basics: Not only will Hape’s Healthy Basics play food set inspire healthy food choices, it will also encourage imaginary play, role-playing, creativity and social skills. The 10-piece set includes one milk carton, three eggs, one cheese wheel, two yogurt tubs, one juice box and two juice bottles. Age recommendation: 3 years +


Crepe shop: Your budding chef will love creating their very own pretend crepes by Kukkia. Complete with a hot plate, crepe spatula and 3 types of fabric crepes, your child chooses from strawberry, banana, pineapple, whipped or chocolate cream toppings. Dustless chalk allows them to use their hotplate as a chalkboard menu, so everyone knows what the special of the day is. Age recommendation: 4 years +


Garden salad: Veggies never looked so good! Hape’s scrumptious 36-piece Garden Salad set includes brightly colored felt and wood vegetables, vinegar and olive oil bottles, a pepper shaker, a bowl, a spoon and a fork. You can almost taste the crunchy goodness. Age recommendation: 3 years +


Sushi set: It’s never too early to learn to use chopsticks. This beautifully designed Play Sushi Dinner Set by Hape will encourage your child’s creativity and imagination, and foster a sense of adventure when it comes to trying new foods. They’ll soon be teaching you the difference between nigiri, maki and sashimi (if only you could remember…). Age recommendation: 3 years +


The essential play kitchen: Whether your little one is whipping up an original recipe or taking first place in an imaginary cooking competition, Milton and Goose’s Essential Play Kitchen is the perfect canvas for imaginative play. A beautifully solid piece to be enjoyed day after day, their little play kitchen is as gorgeous as it is safe. Expertly crafted by Amish artisans in the USA from sustainable Baltic birch and solid North American maple, and topped with water-based, low-VOC, and HAPs-free finishes.


Play food set: Plan Toys’ Food and Beverage Set is made from recycled rubber wood and colored with water-based dyes. Little ones will love hosting teddy-bear picnics and serving the orange juice, water, milk, ketchup, jam and honey to all their stuffed friends. In the process, they’ll develop their speech, logical thinking and decision-making skills.


Shopping cart: Modeled after a traditional shopping cart, now your little one can shop around with their Plan Toy’s cart! Featuring a sturdy base, rubber enforced wheels and a large enough compartment to place kiddo’s things into.