The Tot Guide to the best travel strollers

If picking a travel stroller feels more challenging than childbirth, you’ve come to the right place. Our guide helps you choose the perfect stroller for your traveling needs…

best travel strollers

When you’re traveling with a little one, a bulky stroller simply won’t do. You need to be able to zip around busy airports and streets with ease, fold it in a flash, and lift it without breaking your back. But you also want features like a reclining seat, a generous storage basket and a decent sun canopy to make your #momlife easy. Read on for our guide to the best travel strollers.

There are three basic types of travel strollers:

  • Umbrella strollers are lightweight, compact and inexpensive, but they tend to have few features and they can be difficult to maneuver.
  • Square-fold strollers fold into a square shape, so they’re bulkier than umbrella strollers when collapsed. But they come with more features and they can generally be steered with one hand.
  • Tri-fold strollers fold into a compact and lightweight package, and they come with great features. But you can expect a hefty price tag for all those conveniences.

Here are a few things to consider when choosing a travel stroller…

  1. Size

Your travel needs will help you determine the size of stroller you should choose. Do you want it to fit in the overhead compartment of a plane? Will you be navigating crowded city streets? If so, you’ll need one of the more compact umbrella or tri-fold models. But if you aren’t traveling by plane or in crowded areas, you might be happy with a bulkier square-fold.

  1. Weight

Some airlines have weight limitations for strollers that can be checked at the departure gate, so check the Transport Security Administration’s guidelines or your airline’s website if you plan to use your stroller until you board the plane. If you’ll be taking public transportation during your travels or you’ll have to lift the stroller frequently, you’ll probably prefer a more lightweight model.

  1. Ease of folding

You can fold some travel strollers with one hand – a lifesaver if you’re traveling by plane or on your own.

  1. Sturdiness and maneuverability

If you’ll be using your stroller a lot or going out on long day trips, make sure that it’s sturdy and easy to maneuver so you don’t end up battling with it the whole time. A square-fold or tri-fold will probably be more suitable than an umbrella stroller.

  1. Features

Do you want your baby to nap in the stroller while you sightsee? A reclining seat and generous sun canopy are musts. Do you need room to store your diaper bag and other personal items? Choose a model with an extra-large storage basket. Do you have a toddler? They might be more comfortable with a footrest. Are you a coffee aficionado? Don’t forget a cupholder.

  1. Cost

It’s probably worth splashing out on a high-end model with all the bells and whistles if you plan to travel a lot. Just look at it as an investment in your sanity.


The Tot’s favorite travel strollers

Here are eight of the best travel strollers we’ve tried and tested. Ready, set, go!

The CYBEX Eezy S Twist

Cybex Eezy S Twist in Manhattan GreyCybex Eezy S Twist in Manhattan GreyCybex Eezy S Twist in Manhattan Grey 

This next-generation travel stroller allows you to rotate the seat 360 degrees, recline the backrest, and fold it all up into a compact package that fits in most overhead plane compartments – all with just one hand! It also comes with an XXL sun canopy, a rain cover, an all-wheel suspension system, and a 2-in-1 travel system that accommodates an infant car seat. Talk about features!

  • Use from Birth (with infant car seat) up to 55 lbs.
  • Stroller weight: 17 lbs


Babyzen YOYO+ Stroller – White frame

Babyzen Yoyo Stroller Peppermint 

YOYO+ is so light and ultra-compact that it became the first stroller to be accepted as cabin luggage on airplanes. Featuring one-handed folding, unfolding and maneuvering, as well as an XXL storage basket, fully reclining seat and car seat compatibility, it has everything jet-setting parents need.

  • Use from Birth (with infant car seat) up to 40 lbs.
  • Stroller weight: 13-14 lbs depending on version


Doona Infant Car Seat Stroller

Doona 2018 Car Sear Stroller in BlackDoona 2018 Car Sear Stroller in Black 

With its integrated wheels, the Doona is an infant car seat that transforms into a stroller in seconds. Not only does it surpass safety standards as both a car seat and a stroller, it folds instantly into a compact package and is aircraft-approved. Brilliant!

  • Use from Birth (with infant car seat) up to 35 lbs.
  • Stroller weight: 16.5 lbs


Bugaboo Classic Complete Bee5 Stroller

Bugaboo Classic Collection Bee 5 Stroller with aluminum frame & dark navy 

Bugaboo’s elegant Bee5 is light and compact without compromising on style or maneuverability. It features an easy one-hand fold, a reclining padded seat, and attachment points built into the chassis to add on Bugaboo accessories.

  • Use from Birth (with infant car seat) up to 37 lbs.
  • Stroller weight: 19.6 lbs


Joolz Hub Quadro Stroller with Seat


The Joolz Hub is only 21 inches wide, allowing you to easily zip through crowded streets and cafes. With six adjustable seat positions, an XL sun canopy, sturdy rear wheels and one-handed steering, this beauty is perfect for urban adventures.

  • Use from 6 months to 44 lbs
  • Stroller weight: 25 lbs


gb Pockit Plus Stroller


The gb Pockit Plus is one of the most compact strollers on the market thanks to its 7.8″ x 12.6″ x 15″ folded dimensions. It stands alone and looks just like a handbag when folded. The Pockit Plus also offers one-handed steering, a big sun canopy, a spacious shopping basket and a multi-adjustable backrest. It also fits in overhead making it a favorite amongst the travel set.

  • Use from birth (with car seat) up to 55 lbs
  • Stroller weight: 12.5 lbs


Mima Zigi Stroller


You’ll love how stylish the Zigi is for such a lightweight and compact stroller. It opens and closes with one hand with a free-standing compact fold, offers a smooth ride thanks to its innovative suspension, has a really comfortable seat and is accepted as cabin luggage by most airlines.

  • Use from 6 months up to 44 lbs
  • Stroller weight: 18.5 lbs


Bugaboo Classic Complete Donkey 2 Twin Stroller

Bugaboo Classic Collection Donkey 2 Twin Stroller Black frame with Grey Melange 

Traveling with twins isn’t always a walk in the park, so you’ll want a good-quality double stroller with lots of storage space. The Donkey 2 Twin offers a smooth ride and a one-piece fold, and it’s only 5.5 inches wider in double configuration than in mono. It’s not exactly “compact”, but it’s a traveler’s dream as far as double strollers go.

  • Use from birth up to 37.5 lbs
  • Stroller weight: 33.7 lbs