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How to choose a stroller cheat sheet

A great stroller will do more than just get you – and your tot – from A to B: it will simplify your whole life. But choosing one can be totally overwhelming, so we break it down for you.


If you’re expecting, chances are, you’ve probably thought about the type of stroller you’ll buy. Maybe you’re envisaging running with your little one – in which case you’ll need a jogging stroller. Maybe you’ll be on lots of coffee dates, meaning you’ll want a stroller that fits easily in and out of small spaces. Or maybe you’ll be hiking and traveling with your baby, so you want a stroller that can – quite literally – go off-road. Whatever you want, we have a cheat sheet for the right stroller – for you.


A high-quality, durable stroller will set you back between $500 and $1800, if not more. While you can get more economical models, they are generally more lightweight and tend to be better suited for older children, or for use while travelling (as they fold down easily and are compact).

How will you use the stroller?

Do you intend to run with your baby? You’ll need a jogging stroller (no, you can’t run with a regular stroller!). Do you need a double stroller, either for twins or an older child plus your new baby? Or, if you intend to have another baby in the next two years, should you invest in a stroller that transitions from a single to a double?


Bumbleride Speed Jogging Stroller 


Bumbleride Indie Twin Stroller


Bugaboo Donkey 2 Duo Stroller

If you’re a city-dwelling family with a need to maneuver tight spaces, consider a stroller with light and strong 360° swivel wheels.


What kind of car seat are you likely to buy?

Some parents prefer to get a capsule they can clip in and out of their stroller, in order to transfer their baby without waking them. Sometimes you can buy adaptors that connect a separate car seat to a stroller, but mostly you’ll need to buy the car seat and stroller as a package deal. So when you’re buying your stroller, think about the car seat, too.

What do you need for your lifestyle?

Like cars, strollers come with techy terminology that can help determine which is best for you. Here’s a quick guide.


  • Plastic: These are fine, but if you’re planning on walking a lot, you probably want to skip them. They will find surfaces other than smooth pavements tricky.
  • Air-filled: Durable and safe, and able to withstand changes in terrain.
  • Foam-filled: The Rolls Royce of tires, you’ll find these mostly on luxury strollers. They don’t go flat (obviously) and can handle rough terrains with ease.


How often will you be carrying the stroller?

If you live in an apartment building without an elevator, then chances are: a lot. Make sure you can safely carry your stroller if this is the case.

Where will you store it?

If you have a big garage or a mudroom, you won’t need to worry about storage so much. But if you have limited storage space, it’s worth measuring the size of the folded down stroller against the space you have – it may change your mind about which stroller to buy!

How often will you travel with it?

If you’re a frequent traveller with kids in tow, you’ll want to think about a lightweight stroller that’s compact, easy to carry and if it packs up into overhead carry on like the GB Pockit or Mama Zigi, well then that’s a bonus!

What kind of accessories will you need?

Most strollers come with a basket for storing shopping or a diaper bag, but some don’t. If this is a dealbreaker for you, make sure you check before you buy. While many strollers come with their own accessories, don’t worry too much if the stroller you’ve got your heart set on doesn’t have every accessory you want – after all, you can also purchase these as add-ons if you need to. Here are a few we love:

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