Baby clothes: What you really need

Before you fill your baby’s wardrobe with adorable sailor suits or tiny tutus, read this!


One of the best things about being pregnant is the total carte blanche to buy cute baby clothes any time you please. Tiny sailor suits? Add to cart. Mini tutus Yes, please. Teeny pastel socks? I’ll take a million.

But the fact is, babies don’t actually need that many clothes, and what’s more, they don’t need too many types of clothing – particularly newborn babies. For the first three months (at least) your baby’s main activities will be milk feeds and sleeping. So all those adorable outfits aren’t really necessary – and in fact, what your baby really needs is comfortable, temperature-appropriate clothing that’ll help him sleep (which in turn will help you sleep). And usually, that isn’t a sailor suit. Sorry to disappoint.

Tips for buying newborn clothing

  • As much as possible, choose clothing with snap buttons at the crotch – these make diaper changes (and changing in general) much simpler.
  • Where you can, go one size up. Again, changing your baby into clothing that’s a little roomier will make things easier on you, but also, going one size bigger makes your tot’s clothing work that little bit harder. Babies grow quickly, so it’s always best to give them room.
  • Remember to layer, layer, layer! Babies lose heat quickly, so as a rule of thumb, add one more piece of clothing than you’d wear yourself. We always add a vest under a onesie or tee, and tuck this into pants so it doesn’t ride up.
  • Layers that don’t need to be pulled over your baby’s head are essential, too – zip-up hoodies and cardigans with snaps are easy to pack in your diaper bag for cooler days.
  • And finally, never forget booties or a pair of socks. Those little tootsies get cold super quickly!

With that in mind, we’ve compiled the ultimate list of baby clothing essentials, including how many of each you’ll really need. Happy shopping!

The Tot Baby Clothing Essentials List

Halo Organic Sleepsack Swaddle
You’ll need: 2


With a three-way adjustable swaddle, this sleepsack adapts to your growing baby’s sleep styles as she grows. Made of super-soft, 100 per cent certified organic cotton, this keeps your tot snug as a bug and safe all night long. Buy two in case you need to wash one and use it again that day.

Kyte Baby Solid Sleep Bag
You’ll need: at least 2

kytebabysleepsacksolidstorm kytebabysleepsacksolidcloud

Not strictly apparel, but since your baby will be sleeping a lot, these sleep sacks are practically clothing! Made of super-soft bamboo rayon, this sleep bag will help your baby stay warm all day and night, safely. With a handy double zipper that allows quick, simple diaper changes, this is an absolute essential for any new parent.

Kyte Baby Printed Kimono Top
You’ll need: at least 2

With a handy crossover style, this shirt keeps your little one warm, cosy and comfortable.


Kyte Baby Solid Pants
You’ll need: at least 2

With room enough for a diaper, these leggings are super-soft, comfortable and gender-neutral.

Kyte Baby Solid Footie
You’ll need: 4-5

FootieStormFootieCloud KyteBabySolidFootiePetalFootieLilac

They’re not the most exciting pieces of clothing, but trust us: your baby will live in these – happily (and honestly, so would we!). In seven vivid colors, this ultra-soft onesie will keep your baby warm and comfortable while she sleeps. Snap buttons make diaper changes quick and efficient, too.


Early Riser Le Tot Long Sleeve Onesie
You’ll need: 3-4

EarlyRiserAW17LSOnesieLeTot EarlyRiserAW17LSOnesieBestie EarlyRiserAW17LSOnesieHola

Perfect for spring and fall, when the weather is “in-between”, these long sleeved onesies not only look beautiful, they’ll keep your tot feeling snug as a bug.

12|12 Pyjama Set
You’ll need: 2-3

1212PajamaSetWatercolorStars3 1212PajamaSetNavyStripe3

In two super-cute prints (stars and stripes!), these pyjamas are made of soft, breathable organic pima cotton, meaning they’re perfect for keeping your little one safely warm all night long. Invest in a few sets in case of diaper leaks or milk, er – repeats.

Early Riser Good Vibes French Terry Sweatshirt
You’ll need: 1-2


Made of 100 per cent organic French terry cotton, this soft-as-feathers sweatshirt is as cute as it is adorable. Ideal for cooler days when your baby needs layers of clothing to feel warm, this is perfect to stash in your diaper bag for quick changes. (We also happen to think it’d look great in grown-up sizes…)

Hart + Land Organic Longsleeve Crew
You’ll need: 3-4

HART + LAND Long Sleeve Tee in Sepia Rose HART + LAND Long Sleeve Tee in Dark Grey HART + LAND Long Sleeve Tee in Solid Blue



A super-cute neutral in four colors, this warm, soft long sleeve tee is perfect for layering your tot. Pop one over a vest and you’re done!

Hart + Land Organic Solid Crew Tee
You’ll need: 3-4

Hart & Land Solid Short Sleeve Tee Shirt in Micro Chip Light Grey Hart & Land Solid Short Sleeve Tee Shirt in Bright White Hart & Land Solid Short Sleeve Tee Shirt in Micro Chip Light Grey


A fun, lightweight basic you can take anywhere in case of spills, this short sleeve tee can be layered with a jacket on cooler days, or worn solo when it’s warm out.

12|12 Pant
You’ll need: 3-4


Easy to take on and off, these soft pants will keep your baby warm when it’s cool out. They’re perfect for when your tot starts crawling, too, protecting their little legs from the ground underneath.

12|12 Short Sleeve Lap Shoulder Bodysuit
You’ll need: 2-3

1212LapShoulderSSBodyWhite1 1212LapShoulderSSBodyPink 1212LapShoulderSSBodyGrey1

A cool onesie for the summer months, these simply designed but beautiful outfits make diaper changes quick and easy.

Laranjinha Back Snap Footie with Rolled Sleeves
You’ll need: 1-2


Not strictly necessary, but lovely to have on those special occasions when you’d like your newborn to be a little fancier than normal. With all the comfort and ease of a regular footie, plus a little extra pizzazz, these babysuits also make wonderful gifts.

12|12 Hat
You’ll need: 1-2

Made of soft, hypoallergenic pima cotton, this snug cap will keep your baby warm on cooler days. Essential for days out in the pram!

Jefferies Socks Organic Cotton Socks
You’ll need: 4-6

JefferiesSocksCuffSocksBlack JefferiesSocksCuffSocksRed JefferiesSocksCuffSocksKhaki JefferiesSocksCuffSocksLightBlue JefferiesSocksCuffSocksWhite JefferiesSocksCuffSocksPink

Keep those teeny tiny toes warm with soft, supple organic cotton socks. Buy a few pairs – some, you’ll inevitably lose (#parentaltruthtalk), and as your tot will wear them daily, you’ll be washing them regularly.