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6 Sensory Toys for Baby

Sensory play is a major key to babies reaching their milestones, which is why we’ve found six sensory toys designed to stimulate your child’s senses to promote the development of hand-eye coordination, fine and gross motor skills and cognition.

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Around three months of age, babies start grasping objects, which is a great time to introduce sensory play toys. However, they aren’t very strong yet, so be careful not to give them an object like a wooden rattle that is too heavy in case they accidentally hit themselves in the face. Soft rattles tend to be ideal because they’re easy for little hands to squeeze, shake and explore.

When choosing a sensory toy, it’s also important to remember that it will probably spend a lot of time in your baby’s mouth because this is how babies discover taste, texture (and partake in teething!) You want to avoid plastics and woods with toxic chemicals like BPA, PVC or Phthalates. It’s also wise to make sure that any dyes or lacquers used are non-toxic, natural and eco-friendly.

As your baby gets older, they’re able to play with toys like balls, blocks and shape sorters, which allow them to use their imaginations and problem-solving skills, which is crucial for their cognitive development. Below are six non-toxic sensory toys that will enable your baby to explore their world through touch, taste, sight, smell and hearing.

  1. Maileg Radish RattleThoughtfully designed in Denmark, the Maileg Radish Rattle is made of 100% cotton, is absurdly cute and the perfect size for little hands to hold, squeeze, shake and to undoubtedly chew and gnaw on. Soft rattles are recommended from 3 months of age and are a great way to promote hand-eye coordination and demonstrate cause and effect. They’re also a wonderful lightweight option for soothing or entertaining your baby when out and about.
  1. Rubbabu Crater BallMade from 100% natural rubber foam and flocked with easy to clean child-safe nylon, this brightly colored ball is soft enough for kids of all ages to play with. Great for tactile stimulation, cognitive development and fine and gross motor skill development, this toy will delight your child’s imagination and leave a minimal impact on the environment. Rubbabu is a family owned company in India and all Crater Balls are hand made at their eco-friendly and fair trade ICTI certified ethical factory.
  1. Manhattan Toy SkwishFor almost 40 years, The Manhattan Toy Company has made a commitment to providing customers with safe, high-quality toys that stimulate the imagination and help young minds develop strong creative and problem-solving skills. The award winning Natural Skwish is a one-of-a kind-rattle and teether toy made from renewable rubberwood with non-toxic water based finishes. It Skwishes and returns to its original shape with beads that slide and rattle, which appeals to your baby’s visual and tactile curiosity.
  1. Caaocho Teether – Mia the LambMeet your baby’s new friend – Mia the Lamb, Caaocho’s sustainable, non-toxic and biodegradable teether made from rubber from the Hevea rubber tree. It’s certified BPA, PVC, Phthalate and Nitrosamine free, painted with food-grade paints and completely safe for your baby. Mia the Lamb’s textured ears and legs and squeaking sound promote sensory development, hand-eye coordination and gross motor skills, while the textured ears and legs sooth and massage sore gums during teething.
  1. Green Toys Shape SorterThe My First Green Toys Shape Sorter puts an eco-friendly spin on a classic play pattern. Made in the USA from food-safe, 100% recycled plastic milk jugs, the shape sorter helps develop recognition of shapes and colors while also encouraging eye-hand coordination, problem solving, and fine and gross motor skill development. As your child gets better at successfully matching shapes, this will also build their confidence and give them the motivation to keep exploring and learning about the world around them.
  1. Twoodie Stacking GemsAvailable exclusively from The Tot, these biodegradable wooden gems are wholly made in Japan and have passed the very highest international safety standard and are free from paints, plastics, metals, magnets, colorants, glues, or toxic chemicals. Designed to cater to specific developmental guidelines, the Twoodie Gems are inspired by the Reggio Emilia and Montessori approaches to learning and are the essence of “free play”. They are proven to develop coordination and stimulate imagination and creativity, while adding beauty to your home, not clutter!