Sabrina Rogers-Anderson, Author at TheTot

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Sabrina  Rogers-Anderson

Writer & Author


Writer & Author


Sabrina Rogers-Anderson splits her time between pursuing her passion as a freelance writer and singing “I’m a Gummy Bear” at the top of her lungs on the Sunshine Coast in Australia. She used to be staunchly anti-princess, but her seven-year-old big girl and five-year-old twin daughters beat that out of her pretty quickly.

Sabrina started her career in her native Canada before moving to Australia nearly 15 years ago. Her work has been published in renowned magazines and websites around the world and she’s also written two books.

But don’t let the glamorous facade fool you – she conducts all her important phone calls and radio interviews from the safety of her car so that her kids can’t find her and scream “Poo-poo-bum-bum!” into the phone.

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