Dr. Deepika Chopra, Author at TheTot

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Dr. Deepika  Chopra

Health, Wellness and Optimism Expert

Dr. Deepika Chopra, Psy.D.


Dr. Deepika Chopra holds a doctorate in clinical psychology, with a special interest in Health, Wellness and Optimism. In her clinical training, Dr. Chopra studied the connection between mind/body and Innovative Cognitive Behavioral strategies. Passionate about all aspects of wellbeing, Dr. Chopra is devoted to making wellness more attainable and accessible from both a private and public health standpoint.

Dr. Chopra completed her formal dissertation on the topic of OPTIMISM and it’s relation to optimal wellbeing. With special training in the holistic practice of elevating empathy, reducing anxiety and creating a balance within the technologically and social media focused world today, Dr. Chopra’s work is timely and beneficial to anyone with a beating heart and a desire to live MORE and to live WELL.

Dr. Chopra utilizes sensory based visualization, mindfulness, specific meditation practices as well as goal-oriented motivational techniques to help her clients find an effective way to practice what she calls #selfworthwork. Dr Chopra works with young adults & adults and since becoming a mom herself reserves a special part of her practice devoted to helping parents raise more optimistic children.

Dr. Chopra completed a double post-doctoral fellowship at UCLA and at Cedars Sinai Medical Center and has spoken at many conferences and special events in and out of the States and contributes regularly to wellness related organizations. Currently, Dr. Chopra does not practice as a” traditional clinical psychologist” but, rather as an Optimism Coach and works with clients all over the world, either face to face at her Los Angeles based practice or via video conferencing/ travel.

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