Ashley Corrine, Author at TheTot

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Ashley  Corrine

Travel Blogger

Travel Blogger

A Chicagoland native, Ashley Corinne is a travel blogger currently living out her lifelong dreams of living abroad. After college, she went on to teach English in Chicago’s Chinatown and then on the north side to a mix of refugees and immigrants. When pregnant with her first child, she decided to become a stay at home mother and has been ever since.


Ashley is navigating motherhood and homeschooling these days on the beautiful coast of Mexico, and finds joy in coaching other families to take the leap into overseas living. When she’s not homeschooling her children or writing, she can be found sipping herbal teas, sneaking in some Harry Potter fan fiction and eating one paleta too many with her family.




Instagram @thatblackfamilyabroad
Facebook: That Black Family Abroad