Aida Garcia, Author at TheTot

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Aida  Garcia-Toledo

Non-toxic Living Expert

Non-Toxic Living Expert

After years of working in journalism, as a  producer throughout the US and Latin America for news and documentaries, Aida took her passion for research, writing and educating and founded Non-Toxic Munchkin, Blog and Consulting Company.  She has found meaning in educating parents everywhere about the dangers of constantly being exposed to numerous chemicals at home and helping them easily transition to a healthier and less chemically dependent life through her blog and, now in southern California, through her in-home consulting services.   

“It is not a diet.  It is not a detox.  It is a new way of life.”  This is, ultimately, the goal and mission that Aida has created for Non-Toxic Munchkin; to empower and help clients make changes that are so easy and make so much sense that they become second nature, and part of their daily routine.  All, while finding a balance between healthier everyday choices and living a modern day, stylish, life.

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