Originally a South African company, founded in 1972, B.O.N Skincare was introduced to the US in 2013 when Kate Schumann-Braithwaite and Jenny Baker fell in love with the oil after a trip to Australia, where the brand is also stocked. The brand’s signature product, Nourishing Skin Oil, was born through trial and error by founders Jarrett and Kim Perch, who wanted to create a natural tissue oil for Kim to use while she was pregnant with their first child. Building on this safe, effective product, the brand now also stocks other skincare products like moisturizers, body wash, serum and cleanser. Committed to sustainability, B.O.N uses environmentally-friendly practices like using ‘waste leaf’ as a green fuel, or converting waste products into mulch and extracting pure essential oils by steam distillation which means that no harmful chemicals are used in the process.

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